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How to Clean a Tobacco Pipe

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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There are many ways to clean a pipe properly. This happens to be my way. Hope this is helpful. Cheers!

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  1. I have been told never to blow into your pipe to clean it because it ends
    up getting moisture in hard to clean places that can eventually block the
    flow of the pipe. 

  2. You haven’t mentioned that periodically you need to trim off the carbon
    cake that builds up on the inside of the bowl ! You need a certain layer of
    this cake to insulate the bowl wood from the heat of the burn but when it
    gets too thick you need a scraper or reaming tool to remove it. Otherwise,
    a useful vid.

  3. Useless.

  4. I am now leery about taking my pipe apart. I know you need to on occasion
    and I do but not as often. I have owned a couple Ben Wades and I routinely
    cleaned and taken them apart. I think as a result of my constant cleaning
    both mouth pieces on both pipes became lose and I was unable to obtain a
    tight fit. what did I do wrong?

  5. @Matches860 I truly appreciate that. Thank you!

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  7. Great video. I use Everclear as well, and try to always keep a pint on
    hand. The clerk at the liquor store calls it “jet fuel” . He thinks I’m a
    hardcore partier, despite the fact that I tell him I use it to clean my
    pipes. Maybe thats the problem…. lol

  8. HEY MAN please reply, so i found 1 in a pile of snow when i walked home
    from school. and i wane clean it so. can i boil that pipe to remove all the

  9. The color what comes out of the bohl, makes the smoke of a Peterson so
    bitter. Cheers, Andi

  10. @Texaspipester LOL that’s a whole other use for Everclear! Seriously,
    though, glad to know that it is a product that works for keeping your
    smoking pipes clean and smokable. Cheers!

  11. Great how-to-vid! I like your choice of camera view…I tried a number of
    these videos when I first started, but couldn’t figure out the best way to
    shoot it. Excellent!


  13. Hey. I use chang fang too.yes it was design to come apart like that.don’t

  14. @NW7US Thanks. I let my pipes rest at least a day or so between smokes.
    That’s really not much of a problem expect for the pipes I really like to
    smoke. Those I want back in the rotation ASAP! By the way, I worked for 2
    summers at Glacier NP when I was a college student. Are you anywhere near

  15. @musicmixism Thanks for watching! I haven’t had the bitterness experience
    with my Peterson. In fact, I find it really enjoyable to smoke. Which
    Peterson do you have? Maybe it’s the type or shape as much as the brand?

  16. What a fun and interesting video! I’m so pleased that we met up on Twitter!
    I will certainly check out more of what you’ve done, and look forward to
    future videos. BTW, Richard Carleton Hacker has been hacking (hehe) on his
    book since before 2000. I bought a copy of his first book, “The Ultimate
    Pipe Book” back in the late 80s (1987 I think) and it is largely the same
    as the “21st Century Guide”. Just wanted you to know out of scholarly
    interest 🙂

  17. As he mentioned, there are various ways to clean ones pipes but I would
    hardly call his method cleaning. The whole purpose of cleaning a pipe is to
    remove the tars and nicotine that build up with smoking and reduce the
    oxidation of the stem. Simply running cleaners through your pipe will not
    accomplish this.

  18. Good simple advise. Never have enough pipe cleaners! lol Can’t get
    Everclear in FL, I have used rum and spiced whiskey. I keep a “mini” to dip
    pipe cleaners in when I want the alcohol. thanks, gregg

  19. So 99.99% of this can be done with q-tips? Cool!

  20. @truckpipe Spiced whiskey sounds like it would work well. Thanks for the
    tip! -Alex

  21. that’s typical Peterson. Lots of color comes out of the pipe when cleaning.
    I dont like the Peterson pipes. Cheers, Andi

  22. Hello pipeprof! so i just recently bought a pipe. Its a very cheap pipe
    that i got off amazon for like 10 dollars. I saw that you took it apart
    from the mouth piece. The brand I have looks like i would snap off if i
    tried to take off the mouth piece. The brand i have is called “chang feng”.
    I wanted to get a cheap pipe just in case i didnt enjoy smoking a pipe. So
    my question do you is, are all pipes designed to come apart like that? Or
    should i play it safe and just clean it while intact?

  23. I’m not familiar with that brand, so I’m not sure it is designed to come
    apart. But, all reasonable quality pipes and better will allow the stem to
    separate from the shank so it can be cleaned. Hope you enjoy the pipe
    smoking hobby!

  24. @pipebearjr Thanks! Good to know about Hacker’s book. That explains some of
    his dated seeming pretense. Truly appreciate you watching. Cheers – Alex

  25. Great general-cleaning video. What’s really great is your commentary on the
    nuances on variations to the theme; what others may prefer to do in
    addition to the basic cleaning. I do most of the same steps as you, and do
    not add any thing to these steps. The idea of letting the pipe “dry out”
    between smokes is a general concept I follow, so I rotate between several
    pipes, that way not stressing out any one pipe. I, too, don’t worry too
    much about cake. Cheers, Tomas / NW7US in Montana

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