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How to Choose the Right Cigar Torch for You!

Posted by in Lighter Review

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In this video I’ll show you 5 different styles of torch lighters, and the pros & cons of each! Plus you can get an EXTRA 15% off all lighter on Cigars Daily when you use coupon code: melikefire (valid through Sept 30, 2018). Shop Link:

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  1. Hey Tim… did you ship order to Malaysia?

  2. Got about 10 lighters 8 cutters and 4 cabbinets how do we all seem to collect this stuff i started off with 1 of each.

  3. Surprised Xikar didn't make it on the list

  4. You make really great videos!

  5. Best intro! Hi I’m Tim and I have fire

  6. +1 for the zippo insert butane torch, it lets you keep the old school nostalgia ( in my case a raw brass zippo patina'd over year a of use) with the modern convenience of a butane torch. I haven't used another torch since I started using that setup. I wish more manufactures would come out with premium material lighters like brass, titanium etc. I'm not a fan of plastic even though they definitly get the job done! Cigar smoking is a luxury and a passion of a process and I think the lighters should reflect that as well. Great video!

  7. I got that jetline triple torch. However I didn't get around to buying butane until yesterday..!

    Tomorrow I'll light up one of my Gurkha's and see how it works 😋

  8. Another great video Tim. Personally I like the single torch jetline but i like your torch/soft flame lighter. Pretty snazzy

  9. Hi Tim where did you get the Blue Line flag. I'd like to get one for my dad who served 25 years in the police

  10. Tim, Do you have to refill your Thunderbird lighter Daily? My lighter usually lasts about a day before I have to refill it and I smoke one cigar a day. I also refill with Vector butane to eliminate that factor.

  11. I like to use Elon Musk's flamethrower for my cigar. People tell me it's overkill but I call it efficiency.

  12. Another awesome video tim✌️😊

  13. I have both a triple torch flame and the thunderbird insert for a zippo. I prefer the thunderbird for its accuracy and versatility, but the triple flame is what I usually use because of its wind resistance (I can only smoke outside and it’s really windy all the time here). I do gotta say though, I don’t like the case that comes from thunderbird for their inserts, it’s just not the same as that classic zippo, so I threw it out and put it into my zippo case. I would love to go buy a cigars daily lighter, but I just really don’t like how that case feels and sounds when you’re using it, so I can’t bring myself to buy it. Something my coworkers hate about me is that I play with my zippo when I’m bored at work. I don’t know why, I think it’s because of the sound and feeling of the zippo case when it opens, there’s nothing like and and it’s so satisfying and I don’t know how to describe it

    Also people are saying their soft flame stopped working after a while, maybe some dirt got into the (I don’t know what the word is for this, nozzle I guess?) for the soft flame and is causing it to not work? I haven’t had any problems with mine whatsoever except for the fact that the soft flame is not wind resistant at all, so it goes out from just a little bit of wind..

  14. Great paintball analogy. I've got a xikar double jet somethin or other with the punch on bottom but I've got to get one of those cigar daily jet/flame lighters, too cool.

  15. "I have so much fire here, I'm gonna go have some fun!"
    Entire city is burning in the distance

  16. I laughed too hard when you tried to blow out the Flame of the second lighter.

  17. Bic lighters are the best!

  18. Great info. Was about to buy a new lighter and this video helps a lot. Great video Tim and have a great weekend.

  19. I love my Thunderbird that I bought on Cigarsdaily because of the pin point accuracy when touching up my Sticks plus it takes me "old school" to the days of using a Zippo for when I smoked cigarettes. That said my soft flame stopped functioning about 30 days after using it. I'm wondering if this is something common to these lighters or user error? Tim I know you use this lighter a lot in your videos and yours works everytime. Can you make any suggestions? Soft flame or not it is still my favorite lighter!!! Love all the tips and great videos! Can't wait for the new stick Filthy Viking!!

  20. First. Also anothet great video Tim. A lot of useful information for those of us who are just getting into Cigars.

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