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How Smoking A Pipe Is Like Making Love To Your Wife (& How Smoking A Cigar Is Not)

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How to smoke a pipe like making love to your wife, which of course is the only way to smoke your pipe. And how smoking a cigar is like making love to a man.

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  1. Excellent video with clever analogies and pithy references. Yet, I must
    ask, at precisely what point in the process of making love to a woman is
    the use of a pipe cleaner justified?

  2. Never watched any of your videos this just got you a sub!

  3. A pipe is a friend in all situations, be you hunting your meal, reading a
    great book, or discussing politics with a friend or colleague, it adds
    sophistication and even brings out more and better contemplative thought. I
    don’t know whether to feel bad or laugh at cigarette smokers…

  4. Marriage is helped and my smoking is helped!!!! A video to give much heed!

  5. Sounds a bit Swiss Toni to me, you should check out some of his knowledge,
    a famous pipe smoker in his own right.

  6. like a fine women you have to find nice tobacco, what was it?

  7. Very nice analogy. Haha made me look at smoking a pipe in a whole different
    way. Thank you for the video

  8. Deets on pipe, please!

  9. “Sometimes you just gotta lube up and go for it” Some solid life advice

    Re pipe relight – some people even swear by the delayed gratification
    technique for a better smoking result.

    This might be one of your best videos! Perfect analogy – now I’m off to try
    and convince wifey of pipe smoking as a way of upskilling…

  10. Smoking your pipe is much like making love to your wife.

  11. Bravo on the bravado.
    An excellent answer to the next time someone asks me the old “why do you
    smoke a pipe” question.

  12. Haha! Hilarious! And yet not without truth, for sure…never rush it with a
    woman! (OK, sometimes do…but a loving longtime hubby will know when,
    won’t he?) Strange coincidence: Just today UPS brought me a rusticated
    Mario Grandi poker I got on ebay on Wednesday. Love the shape and can’t
    wait for the first smoke (probably also with Marlin Flake as it’s my no. 1
    anyway). Oh, one last thing: I really like that new theme days/vids idea.
    Keep ’em coming!

  13. Fantastic imagery! Lol also I was happy to see the return of the intro!

  14. Hilarious. Well done Joffre.

  15. Very nice analogy my friend! Cheers

  16. Funny stuff. Well done.

  17. I’m not sure how wholesome this video is… but I got a good laugh out of
    it! hehe

  18. @3:44- I find it best to lick my finger before sticking it in the whole.

  19. Well said. Well thought out. Some keen insight there, my friend.

  20. Gorgeous day for a pipe and chat. I like the analogy…later, Tim

  21. Funny and clever video take care

  22. Make sure its clean, ha love it, great vid man

  23. Very succinct analogy, Joffre!!! Keep ’em smokin’ and a keep ’em comin’…
    no pun intended! LoL ;)

  24. I like the analogy.

  25. Once again…WOW!

  26. Genius.

  27. Interesting comparison! LOL! But i do have to admit, your right!

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