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How Do I Properly Stack Cigars in a Humidor? – Cigar 101

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To achieve the best possible airflow for your cigars in storage, there is an ideal way to stack your cigars in a humidor. Check out this video see how.

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  1. Hi guys, can I fill my humidor to near capacity? Will it affect the cigars if I have too many?

  2. @cigaradvisormagazine I hear from time to time that you could take the cigars out of the plastic do you recommend this or no? When storing in Humidor

  3. I think I may have them packed in too tight. Theyre REALLY packed in there. Hmmm…

  4. Thanks for the video. With the humidor filled with cigars as you show, where do you put the humidifier? Thanks

  5. He put the cigars in the "crack"… PAUSE

  6. Thanks for the tip, man. I've been struggling with my first humidor, getting it seasoned properly, calibrating the hygrometer, etc. It's been a comedy of error to be sure, so I'm trying to absorb all the info I can to do it right.

  7. Stacking my cigars is the least of my concerns…My main concern is on humification of these cigars..

  8. Hi Gary.. Do you teach at Full Sail?? i noticed the hat. Im a student there

  9. you guys call yourselves EXPERTS???
    your cigars won't fn MATURE WITH THE CELLOPHANE ON YOU DOPES!!
    experts, nah, amateur pedantics.

  10. my humidor has a tray, like a lot of them do. I like to keep the "every day and guest" cigars on top and the premium/close friend cigars hidden underneath.

  11. How about criss crossing them to allow for more airflow? If you go in between your blocking the space where air could flow. If they were stacking like how they come in a box, they are directly on top of each other which allows some space for airflow. Putting them in the crevices blocks this gap. So I try to cross cross them to leave pockets throughout for air to flow in. Any thoughts on this method?

  12. My dad likes cigars with a sweet, chocolate flavor. Might you recommend a few premium-style cigars? He complains that too many premium cigars have a salty flavor. It's probably the brine used at the factory as a preservative. How bout a sweet, strong cigar that delivers a lot of flavor and smoke, man?

  13. Is there anyone who takes the cigars out of the plastic b4 putting them in there humidor??????? I cant be the only person who does that….

  14. i put them in chronologically — the ones I will smoke first on top, the ones to age on the bottom.

  15. Looks like ya missed one there haha

  16. Great vídeo 👌🏽✌🏽️ bit Do i take the celophane off of my cigars ?? 🤔 or i leave it ??

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