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How Do I Control Temperature & Humidity in an Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar? #Cigar101

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  1. I have a Boveda Acrylic humidor, the smaller one as i dont have many cigars either yet, with a 65 rh Boveda pack in it, temperature in the humidor is currently showing 63 F and 66% humidity. i'll admit im newish to smoking and no expert yet but it seems to be working ok.

    but i was wondering if you think the temp and humidity levels sound ok?. Im in England and its a bit on the cold, rainy, even a bit of snow and hail side at the moment. ive had 4 or 5 cigars in my humidor for several months now and to be honest im not getting much more than a slight what i would call that musty ammonia smell from them. The cigars feel ok, to me, reasonably firm with some slight 'give' to them when squeezed,

    just wondered your thoughts as even though in my novice opinion they seem ok, im still a worrier about the set up i have lol.

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