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How Cigars can be GOOD FOR YOU! (f. Undercrown)

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Nick is a Behavioral Psychology Professor at a local college. On this episode, he explains the health benefits that cigar smoking can have.

Here is a link to an article and the Study from the FDA on the risks of Cigar smoking:

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  1. U have the most smoking voice ever

  2. I feel like I’ve seen him in porn lol

  3. Well done gentlemen. Cigars vs cellphones and social media. A topic with a lot of mileage.

  4. You can still get a shortened life from cigars whether you inhale or not. Oral cancer can happen to you when smoking cigars and your teeth can literally rot out. Your lungs are not the only thing that play a role in a shorter life…

  5. "give science time, it eventually catch up with the bible". And if it never does people will still say the same thing. Its what happens when you argue for in-provable things. Never mind the outright contradictions in the bible with science that take exceptionally good mental gymnastics to conciliate and rely solely on abstract interpretations of the bible text as opposed to the actual literal meaning of the text itself.

  6. Maduro's are my thing… a good dark stick

  7. There's a great essay on "The Imaginative Conservative" titled, "Distracting ourselves to death". I'd post a link, but not sure if links are censored. It explains how Thomas Aquinas basically reveals the same thing, that being mindful and showing gratitude expands our thinking. An interesting read, but doesn't include anything about cigars.

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