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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Hot Wings Cigar Review Challenge

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Jesus. Bradley eats wings like a starving wolverine…

  2. “What cums out her mouth is too filthy” careful Brad. The me too movement is strong.

  3. This seems like a challenge cigar

    Like you don’t just smoke it cause you like it but it’s like a “hey bro look what I can do” type of thing

  4. I want a girl who looks like Dana and can eat wings like Bradley.

  5. Are u guys using a wide angle lens? Cause the sticks look bigger than they are lol

  6. Life is to short to hold grudges. I liked this review now i want hot wings nect time you go to Native you have to try the Strawberry Hot, Hot wings soooooo good

  7. Dana, calm and unabashed. Tim, sweating crying and drowning the wings in blue cheese dressing. #danawins Real Man Award!

  8. WHO EATS WINGS LIKE THAT?!?!?! BLASPHEMY!!!! hahahaha

  9. I love watching yalls videos I might have to try the punisher .

  10. I want the blue one. I would order, But I just ordered a bunch from you recently.

  11. That sounds great but the amount of MSG that is probably in those wings would send me to the hospital, but it might be worth it!!

  12. man that sounds good wing and cigars on a beach with some rum ya

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