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Her Very First Smoke with Micallef Cigars at Cigar and Spirits Event

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Cigar & Spirits Magazine hosts 7th annual West Coast tasting event in Newport beach, CA. Watch her very first smoke with Micallef Experiencia Cigar. Learn more about Micallef cigars by visiting their website

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  1. Nice video, good to see new people enjoying the Leaf,also nice to see two very lovely Ladies all dressed Up an enjoying a great night Cheers

  2. How much are these a stick, Delicia?

  3. incredibly sexy woman u are. Beautiful boobs and cleavage and nice toned arms sweetheart.

  4. These cigar events looks awsome, would love to go sometime!

  5. Hi Delicia!! Great YouTube channel. These are new cigar brands for me. Thank you!!. My favourite cigar to smoke after dinner any given day is Partagas D4. Awesome channel. Greetings from Andorra!!

  6. there is definitely a funny component to watching someone smoke their first cigar, atleast she didn't inhale and choke on the smoke like many of us have done our first time smoking. what a great teacher you are Delicia! i would love to have a cigar with you, im thinking a Davidoff Nicaragua! cheers hunny.

  7. fantastic video 🖒 I think more people should get into smoking cigars.

  8. Your friend looked so awkward at first but she came right around to it. It made for very good video.

  9. Beautiful ladies. Another great video!

  10. great video Delicia. it's always great to see a new SOTL join the ranks. I heard someone performing a Sade song in the beginning of the video. Sade is one of my FAVORITE singers.cheers D. 🚬🚬

  11. I'm so jealous of the blonde girl! When I first started I could barely pick up a medium pepper let alone figure out if a cigar was fresh or not, it took me 5-6 cigars before picking up other flavors such as: walnut, coffee, leather, floral, cinnamon and chocolate.

  12. Really great to see new people introduced to the pleasure of cigar smoking. I've had two people ask to try since I've been smoking and both enjoyed the experience, but not enough to where they were going to be habitual lol. My best friend is one o' them and he'll enjoy a cigar when offered while coming over for drinks… actually in his case I think he did take up the habit a little more frequently because he'll also smoke with his gf's father and buys a few sticks himself occasionally, so I guess I did convert him 🙂
    I'll let anyone give it a try, so as not to be wasteful I do ask that they come when they've at least an hour to sit and relax, and I always recommend having a beverage on hand to help cleanse the mouth and to keep from feeling dry lol

  13. that immense respect and restraint XD reminds me of my first cigar

  14. Hola delicia deberías de tener más invitadas mujeres.

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