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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. to William Ford; if you don’t have something nice to say then say nothin’
    at all

  2. Delectable; Heather seems to do a bit better with a cigar. A fantastic
    selection here; are these videos available on DVD?

  3. Heather is gorgeous and seeing the smoke escape her mouth as she exhales,
    talks and laughs is SO hot. Amazing lighting to capture the essence of the
    smoking fetish for me

  4. thanks daniel; whered did you get your picture; it looks like something we
    might have shot.

  5. Yes we did, but that is ripped off from us from somewhere else. I am going
    to repost her here to set the record straight.

  6. @sfmseeker—try the other videos in the Heather series.

  7. Just saw the bit below about the DVD site. Wide selection, hopefully?

  8. this is a great video! She so naturally inhales cigar smoke deep into her
    lungs and even holds it for a short while especially while doing the smoke
    rings. This girl has real smokers lungs!

  9. She is awesome. *VERY* nice.

  10. So naturally pretty, This video was near perfect. Only critique is that it
    was a cigar, not feminine. 120s would have been over the top

  11. Lovely artistic smoke art at its best

  12. I believe my profile pic is a girl called Nana, Form southern-charms, (long
    since gone! but they are quebec smoke now! Did you guys do that power
    smoking video that is described on youtube as the best smoking video ever!??

  13. Alas, absence of audio has been a complaint from our audience for years; a
    promise to the models that they won’t be heard is what helps them to
    actually relax and engage in the experience. Sorry but imagine that you’re
    in a noisy, crowded bar with a pair of binoculars. 😉

  14. you my friend are a star, i love this girl, thank you very much

  15. i wanna see more of her

  16. where do i find more vids of her?

  17. Just beautiful, Perfect in every way,

  18. where can i find more of her vids?

  19. Heather, I want to see the video in oh 10-`15 years where you are spitting
    up bloody tumors from the unbelievable damage and scarring that you have
    done to your precious lungs you incredible fool! Do you really think that
    you can scorch your lungs like this and get away with it? Visit a lung
    cancer patient center some time. They scream with each breath that they
    attempt as they wait to die a horrible death. That’s you young lady.

  20. wish there was audio. But other then that, nice to watch.

  21. shes a sexy smoker, love the thick inhales

  22. very wide selection—click on the link

  23. Glad you like this. Please blast us on the internet so that we can bring
    you more from our vast archives.

  24. Try our clip site or our dvd site. Information being added to the site
    description now

  25. Surely there are some models who wouldn’t mind?

  26. Yes…love this girl.

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