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[HD] Tobacco review GL Pease Gas Light

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Tobacco review of GL Pease Gas Light ( Latakia, Oriental, Virginia.

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  1. Great Video!! One question: What the shape of the pipe bowl?

  2. 👍 😂 thanks! I'll try that definitely. 👌

  3. Great video , Sir i really like your channel . Sir if you don't mind i like to highly recommend you one tobacco " BALKAN BY BREBBIA " i am sure you will like it

  4. I like this tobacco but it is a bomb nicotine,I get dizzy by the half of the bowl

  5. I think the gaslight was my favorite love the different smells I would get each time I would smell it and smoke it great review

  6. Like you videos. 🙂 Nice and honest. 🙂 

  7. Very nice review. I heartily concur.

  8. I love your videos. I am fairly new at pipe smoking. I never realized how many different blends were out there and how much fun this whole hobby is. I am separated from my wife and just coming home after work, having a good smoke, watching a few uploads from members of the YTPC, and doing all the other things , like cleaning and organizing my pipes fills the void. You sound like you have a Dutch accent. Sounds cool! Lol           Glenn!

  9. I think you need to re-title the vid …….was expecting Nightcap but it was GLP Gaslight, however keep up the good work, Regards.

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