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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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AL CAPONE IRISH COFFEE CIGARILLOS Al Capone Sweet Filter Cognac Dipped…

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  1. didn’t know they were discontinued,,they look like some I have been smoking
    a few months ago..i might still have the packaging im not sure..they got a
    bigger smoke in the mouth feel than the minatures but start off milder due
    to wider diameter and longer length..they got a nice faint honeyish and
    sweet and sour citrusy and toasty earthy baked potato skin taste..they are
    dry cured cigars so they don’t need a humidor or any worries about storage
    and shelf life. 

  2. Where did you get these RJ?

  3. hi RJ im enjoying your video while i am smoking a USA marlboro red, nice
    video, stay lit.

  4. I’ve seen some original Hamlet Cigars for 99p.

    I preferred the King Edwards Invincible but they’re about £21

  5. You take cigar smoke back in to your lungs? That must be horrible!! Do you
    enjoy it?

  6. The King Edwards Invincibles are sold in Packs of 5 for approx. £20.70

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