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Half and Half Pipe Tobacco Review – Cheap and Tasty?

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Half and Half, a well known tobacco that has generations of history behind it that is found everywhere……but is it good? Watch and See!

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  1. Some of us like burley and some don't. H&H was my dad's last burley, and if my dad didn't smoke it doesn't interest me at all. I've found bulk burleys for say 25% more per ounce that I like better, but I still like Half and Half.

  2. My Grandad smoked it. I love it .I'm smoking it right now. Good review. I'm subscribing

  3. A good review! I love Half-and-Half, it's definitely one of my go-to blends.

  4. Hello, I'm not a big fan of tobacco in general, but I did try this and I agree with everything you said about it. This tobacco is what my grandpa smoked and it definitely reminded me of being with him when I was young. I've smoked it on my boat to repel insects and it was as if he was there with me. Now, I've tried more aromatic tobaccos like 1Q and Captain Black and they remind me of a strip club or gentleman's club. To me the Half and Half pouch smell is what pipe tobacco should smell like. It makes me want to chew the stuff. You get the mild hay smell and flavor from the bright and the rich flavor from the burley. Over all it's just a good strong grandpa is here today smoke. Thanks for the review.

  5. Do you have a P.O box? Because I have an unopened pouch I'll send to ya if ya like.

  6. The hay tones are from the Virginia (the Brights), earthy is from the Burley 🙂

  7. A good review of a nice blend. May your pipe be full and your matches dry.

  8. Another thought that $3.00 pouch of tobacco would be about $30.00 up here in Canada because we are taxed to death on tobacco products ☹️

  9. Wish we had it OTC up here but I have never seen it. Actually most corner stores and stores of any kind don’t carry any pipe tobacco anymore guess it’s because there aren’t a lot of pipe smokers in Canada ☹️ I like this video you do a great job! Take care my friend! Peace from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Good review! I like the table of awesomeness! Be well!

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