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Half and Half Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Review of Half and Half pipe tobacco (from a smokeless tobacco user’s perspective).


  1. Pipes are amazing. Sometimes i prefer puffin on a pipe that dippin all day

  2. I have been trying to switch from the cigarettes to dipping full time instead. Sometimes I like a decent cigar. You smoke cigars at all? Maduro wrapper cigars are pretty smooth and go great with a Yuengling Porter.

  3. That's a great video, thanks for making it. This tobacco isn't available in Britain, and I'm assuming that it has that name because of being made with half burley and half virginia. It certainly does seem to have its fair share of good and bad reviews. I would try it if I could get hold of it. As a matter of interest I found out the other day that Captain Black used to be available in Britain, and though it is no longer, there is a similar blend made by Mac Baren called 7 Seas (Black, Red, Gold, etc) that is supposed to be very similar.

  4. I'm a pipe smoker who is a new dipper. remember like I was told when I first started relights are good they are ok. thanks for the video sir

  5. OK dipper nation

  6. Char, tamp, false light, tamp, light. That'll get you going.

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