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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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H Upmann Legacy Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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H Upmann Legacy Toro Cigar Review This 6×52 stick features a medium brown wrapper with a dry slightly toothy feel like a paper bag, one medium vein, seams th…

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  1. No point because the ‘cap’ didn’t unravel. The whole wrapper did. There
    clearly was a poor glue job all the way around, it wasn’t sealing at all.
    Yes if a Padron or any other bunch of rolled up leaves (no point getting
    upset over leaves) did that I would chuck it. I might email a photo tot he
    store or take it back to a B&M if it happened to be worth the time and
    expense to do so, but I would chuck it.

  2. Great review Bryan! Suggestion which is totally personal preference; I use
    a 9 mm punch on cigars with questionable caps

  3. No point? So if the cap on a Padron unraveled you would just chuck it? To
    each his own of course and I didn’t mean on video. Obviously I realize it’s
    a review not repair school, but it’s a pretty common thing amongst
    enthusiasts hence why I was surprised you didn’t repair it off camera. In
    any case no skin off my nose bro. Just asking. lol

  4. No point. I don’t know a single person that does so. I’m reviewing cigars
    not cigar repair πŸ™‚ It is what it is…

  5. Hi Bryan, love your reviews, I am heading to Las Vegas next week and I plan
    camping out at Casa Fuente πŸ™‚ Any recommendations as to what I MUST try
    while there?

  6. #1 it wasn’t questionable till it was cut, and #2 I hate punches πŸ™‚

  7. Just got one of these in a grab bag. Would a punch cut be advisable,
    considering the difficulty some are having with unraveling?

  8. love the xikar lighter, I think they dont sell it any more…?

  9. Hi Bryan. Usually i give the head of my cigar a lick before i cut it (no
    perv), it seems to help keep the head intact and prevent cracking. my 2

  10. I go through it all in my cutter comparison vid. I like an open draw.

  11. I used to and did a couple giveaways. Not any more.

  12. You just wrap some masking tape around it if desperate.

  13. Just smoked this cigar while at work and had the same exact problems. The
    wrapper was paper thin and falling apart everywhere. The draw was so lose
    yet barely any smoke. It was super thin that I didn’t even feel it in my
    mouth. I definitely won’t be trying this again.

  14. Regarding the cigar you were much more kind than I would have been. I was
    given a sample by a rep and for me it takes the cake as the worst tasting
    and performing cigar billed as “the top of the range with the best
    tobaccos” stick I have had in years

  15. I found construction to be ver inconsistent for my taste the always crack
    and the binder just swells that’s bin on 4 of them I stop buy them and
    agreed not properly glued

  16. the last time that happened to me I gave it away and the guy grounded it
    into rollys. Talk about waste not want not

  17. Hi Bryan. Great video. Why do you hate punches if you don’t mine me asking?

  18. Surprised you dont keep some powered fruit pectin on hand. Can’t imagine
    being without it for those inevitable occurrences like what happened here
    warranting a quick and easy repair to avoid scrapping the stick

  19. Second times’ the charm or is the third time lol? I think Xikar should just
    sponsor you πŸ˜› you have given them publicity and definitely given their
    products a good life of use.

  20. Good cigar taste good…..and about the cap it happened to me lots of times
    I hate when it does that. .

  21. I just had one of these the other day and even though i am fairly new to
    cigars still i would say it is one of my favorites! great review Bryan!

  22. That only effects tobacco that has been stored improperly – all my stuff is
    perfect, nice and moist. it just wasn’t glued together properly, nothing
    spit will do anything about.

  23. Wouldn’t have any trouble if he had a Prometheus lighter.

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