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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Gurkha Widow Maker Natural Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gurkha Widow Maker Natural Churchill Cigar Review This 7×52 stick features a 10 year aged tan wrapper with a few stretch marks, a thin soft paper bag like fe…

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  1. huh, they called a mild cigar Widow Maker

  2. I am! Will check them out.

  3. Generally, I think the problem is second-rate tobaccos. Never had a Gurkha
    I thought was up to snuff.

  4. It’s called widow maker, not black widow.

  5. I will try one of these. A good review. Like a light stick every now and
    then. I had the same thought as the other guys when I saw the name.

  6. An appropriate name.

  7. Didn’t care for this cigar personally

  8. Thanks man – yep down 15 lbs so far

  9. With a name like widow maker one would expect something different. Maybe
    this label needs to be on a dark cigar with some kind of webbing or

  10. You can really benefit from an hd camera

  11. Bryan, I figured you’d be shooting on DSLR – do any of yours shoot video?
    If you need an external sound recorder, I can recommend the Tascam DR 100.

  12. actually is doesnt look to bad if u watch it in 720p

  13. Got these on ridiculous discount…really good. And I’m not even a gurkha

  14. Been looking at getting a couple of these for a while. If I do I’ll make
    sure I don’t pay too much for them. Any chance of a Room 101 Conjura review
    in the near future…thinking I may buy those next, but I would be doing so

  15. Jon- I believe you are referring to the Padron 1926 80 years.

  16. Hey Bryan, I hope this doesn’t sound obnoxious but do you ever worry about
    the so called health hazards that come along with smoking cigars? It
    doesn’t seem dangerous to me, personally, because you don’t inhale the
    smoke. But people say there is a high risk of getting mouth cancer from
    smoking cigars. But then again, I can’t tell you I’ve ever heard of anyone
    getting mouth cancer from cigars. Could you give your take on it in a video
    maybe or just in a reply comment. Thanks. Big fan. 🙂

  17. brian what is the pardron cigar you did a revue on that was a long smoke
    and very strong . thanks jon

  18. It is – but a low end one that really goes poor in low light. But changes
    have been in the works for a while now, stay tuned 😉

  19. Bryan taking one for the team again! lol. Bravo!

  20. Use the 7D! I guess you’d have to have some good light though

  21. Good cigar but nothing impressive. I was hoping to be knocked on my butt
    with the name “widow maker” but didn’t get anything.

  22. You are obviously behind on the site and videos 😉

  23. close enough 🙂

  24. Bryan, It seems most gurkha’s you review you tend to enjoy. Any other
    review I’ve read for even the same cigars bashes the brand pretty heavily.
    Most communities find them to be over-priced, over-hyped and not worth more
    than the 1.50 per stick off c-bid. Are they being too critical, or what?

  25. Great review!

  26. If I’m going to age some cigars is it wise to put them in a safe. I will be
    using the humidipak and the safe will be located in my garage. I live in
    So. Cal. Thanks for any advice

  27. i think i just may have to get me one of these…looks like a Gurkha that i
    would like to try ha.

  28. Thanks as always!! I prefer med to full cigars!! Probably won’t buy!! JL

  29. Had one of these in maduro. Not my favorite.

  30. He’s a wedding photographer… He takes the pictures of the cigars himself.
    You don;t need to tell him what cameras he can benefit from.

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