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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Gurkha Spec Ops Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gurkha Spec Ops Maduro Churchill Cigar Review This 7×50 stick offers a dark chocolate, firm, dry satin wrapper with slight tooth, minimal veins, tight invisi…

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  1. Would love to see your review on the sons of anarchy cigar.

  2. I really want to try this cigar. Where can I order one? 

  3. What? ew, no, what would you ask that?

  4. Tooth is the little bumpy texture on some wrappers.

  5. You’re not supposed to inhale cigars, also cigars typically last about an
    hour or so. You would not smoke a box of cigars in a day, or even a week.

  6. I have a question. Why is it that so many cigar smokers dread the “nicotine
    buzz”? I really enjoy the subtle dizziness and sedation that comes from a
    full-bodied smoke. Other cigar smokers I’ve talked to only find it
    sickening. Not really sure why.

  7. um how do you fix a cigar when the burn is off

  8. are all of your cigars mailed to you buy people just to review. i wouldnt
    trust that man, someone could like cyanide your padron or sumthing

  9. Has a nice creamy texture, and a slight pepper aroma, lol wtf

  10. Great review but Gurkahs, Vegas, and now Obsidians… they’re all cheap
    junk in nice wrappers. Gurkah has a $800 cigar now… sheesh. Are Americans
    that stupid? There’s so many wonderful cigars out there (and other THINGS
    in life to waste money on). There’s a reason every online distributor has a
    bajillion of these things in warehouse and constantly is pushing them with
    super saver deals, specials and blowouts. The cornball names are another
    giveaway. This beaut was donned the dumbest yet.

  11. what does tooth mean?

  12. How is this a bootleg bargain bin cigar? Gurkha is a damn good brand and
    make good cigars. Gurkha made these cigars as a tribute to Kaizad
    Hansotia’s favorite Navy SEAL team. If you fork up the 160 bucks to buy the
    box you even get a fixed blade knife and sheath. If you don’t wanna buy a
    box that’s fine but don’t be a douchebag to people who actually enjoy them.

  13. @Badfish93 Absolutely, if I want a cigar I’ll have a cigar – it’s never on
    a “I need one now!” basis. I suppose that would differ from person to
    person, but I can go days, weeks, months, in between cigars – they’re not
    addictive for me.

  14. ROTF! no.

  15. “Special Ops”. Riiiight. I can just see this dude on a special operations
    Navy Recon. What is this name supposed to emote? Emerging from a dark
    seashore at midnight to assasinate a forign diplomat? Or siting in your
    backyard in the suburbs grilling bubbah burgers from BJ’s? Gurkah’s are
    Indo-Tibeto-Mongolian footsoldiers, they don’t even have a special ops
    program. That’s a stupid American video game buzz word slapped on an indian
    soldier. I get so tired of these bootleg bargin bin cigars.

  16. I’m curious how many cigar smokers actually inhale these things?? Also, how
    long one of these last. I’m a regular cigarette smoker, but I can’t imagine
    smoking a pack of these a day. lol

  17. Sound liek a stupid question but it will help me get a better idea, on a
    scale of 1 to 10 (for you or anyone else who has smoked these) how good is
    this cigar? 1 being horrible 5 being worth the money and 10 being a must
    have cigar. Just would liek some help her lol Thanks

  18. Cigars are not addictive in the sense that you find cigar smokers will
    crave a cigar or will be unable to go a day without one. You can become
    “addicted” to the hobby as it is very enjoyable.

  19. great stick. every time i light this one up, I smoke it till i can’t fit my
    fingers on it!!

  20. I laughed hard.

  21. I have to get this one. Good review

  22. @AdrianAsgardian i dont smoke cigarettes.

  23. @AdrianAsgardian Cigars are very addictive, they give you a massive
    nicotine hit. It’s very ignorant to say that you correlate cigarettes and
    weed with assholes. I think you should grow up before taking up smoking.

  24. @bfmv580 damn, relax. There’s no need to get aggressive over a comment. I
    correlate cigarettes with weed, because all the kids that smoke weed smoke
    cigarettes. The kids that smoke are all a bunch of assholes, and the smell
    of cigarettes infuriates me. Ive never smoked anything before ever before
    so i didnt know that cigars were addicting. As for “growing up” im more
    mature that half the students in my high school combined.

  25. Great videos and reviews. I really wish I could remember the maduro-brand
    cigar that I smoked a few years ago that had lots of taste but was nowhere
    near “full-bodied.” What cigar would you recommend to a newbie-lightweight
    like myself?

  26. Im about to turn 18 and want to get a cigar just to get one lol, what would
    be a good cigar to get?

  27. hello sir great video …do you like coheba blacks sorry spelling off its
    early lol

  28. Man I love this cigar. Its about $200 a box but you get a knife and a case
    with it so not a bad deal.

  29. I had a Gurkha Status. It was pretty terrible, especially for a 10 dollar
    stick. It smelled okay, had a pretty tight draw. The flavor was about
    similar to cat piss.

  30. This is a Great Cigar it has Definitely found a place In my Rotation…
    Sucky part about it though is it’s really hard to find the time to enjoy
    the whole Churchill..

  31. excellent review! makes me want to run out and buy a box…well, maybe a 5
    pack for starts.

  32. ive heard spotty things about gurkha but this one sounds great.

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