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Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 Aniversario Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 Aniversario Cigar Review This 6×60 perfecto features a thin dark chocolate mottled wrapper with an oil sheen, minimal veins, tight…

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  1. You should try Gurkha’s XO series that features 6×60 Toro versions of some
    of the perfectos they make. I am not a fan of perfectos either, mainly
    because of their uneven draws.

  2. As always, good stuff man.

  3. I always thought your photographs looked very professional, it makes sense

  4. lol uh – I do more than any other cigar site out there 😉 Check the main

  5. Brian Glynn FTW

  6. Just got one of these as a gift… After seeing your video, I’m now looking
    forward to smoking it… Haven’t heard too many good things about Gurkha
    cigars… Great review. Thanks Brian.

  7. Woah, gone for 2 months, get back… No hair!

  8. could you do cigar giveaways

  9. Does a humidor wit glass fixtures like windows or a glass top make it less
    airtight or less effective keeping its humidity??

  10. Bryan, what do you do while smoking cigars for these reviews? I have an
    image of you just sitting there doing nothing until you start the review

  11. He did mention in the video that it was in the morning

  12. You can see a review of all my accessories through the main site, click
    reviews at the top

  13. Thank you jack ass. I just wanted to know if he did them in the morning. It
    seems like an odd time to do videos.

  14. Where do you get your cigars at ?

  15. Another great review man. All my years of smoking and I’ve never tried a
    Gurkha. Think I’ll have to give them a shot.

  16. Lol, yes very confusing. I had to call CERN to see if they lost any
    neutrinos lately, those things turn up allover the place.

  17. Way to go brother. Love da Gurkha!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep blowing the smoke
    our way. Thanks, Ira

  18. My simple question is does he do these in the morning before the sun rises?
    It just seems odd to me that he would do videos then? No need to be an ass
    about it.

  19. Why does it go from night then to the day time? Are you doing these before
    you go to work. Very confusing

  20. Hey Bryan, what do you do for a living? You must have a pretty good career
    that allows you to enjoy all these nice cigars, and live in Florida! cheers

  21. blaa blaaa haha great review 🙂

  22. Hey Bryan, where can I buy that lighter? Kevin

  23. I’m a commercial and wedding photographer – see the link in the description

  24. Sounded like a rooster crowing

  25. What was the make of lighter you mentioned in this review. I am in Scotland
    and therefore not eligible for any lottery etc. But I am looking for a good
    lighter, a duel lighter sounds really good

  26. around 4 minutes it sounded like someone was getting murdered… everything
    ok Brian?

  27. Bryan! What happened to the hair?!

  28. don’t waste your time or money. gurkha=shit.

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