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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nublizer Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nublizer Cigar Review This 4×60 stick features a very dark brown wrapper, barely visible under the huge bands with minimal veins, a …


  1. Oops I meant gurkha auto correct

  2. Why are you so illuminated?

  3. Split wrappers from the band being glued in to tight really anger me it
    splits the cigar all the way down if not half way split just keeps getting
    longer. Nice review. What is your favorite ghurka

  4. Love the cigar

  5. vaya pepino

  6. Some nights it’s just rained and near 100% humidity and it can take 30-45
    minutes for the lens to defog. Cicadas.

  7. does it matter how many caps on cigar?

  8. Very nice Cigar

  9. I looks like a black dwarf’s finger.

  10. hard to see lol

  11. eddiebyrd i noticed this too long ago when i started watching his reviews,
    but from what i understand with the word in he means the size/name. There
    is a standard set of names for cigars but it seems most non cuban cigar
    companies just use their own names for cigars. So in this example it’s the
    Gurkha Black Dragon Fury in Nublizer ( size/shape etc ) Correct me if i’m
    wrong Bryan.

  12. I cant stand NUB anything. I hate them. A good friend always gives me one
    when I go to his house, I try to politely refuse but he insists. Now I have
    five NUBs in my humidor with no intention of ever smoking them. So I give
    them to him when he comes to our house, he loves them because my humidor is
    properly taken care of. It all works out in the end. Ill have to give this
    Gurkah Nubilizer a shot though, sounds to my liking.

  13. I agree 100%. Can’t stand the 60 ring gauge sticks. I caught up in the NUB
    hype and bought a sampler of 60 gauge sticks. I’ve traded some to buddies
    and I’ve sent some in to the lottery. Can’t wait to get rid of the three or
    so I have left.

  14. Mine fell apart and I ended up tossing it. I think I had the ‘pop’ sound as

  15. I had one of these and it was really good but they are very hard to find

  16. What’s with the weird aura and strange buzzing noise?

  17. I have 12 of these left in my humidor and as far as I can find, these are
    not availible any more. But a good 1 hour smoke, if you can find it. I
    haven’t seen them on Cbid in a long time, which is where I purchased all of

  18. fuck cicadas there everywhere in s.i

  19. I like to slide of my bands. Helps to not rip the wrapper if there is not
    to much glue.

  20. Same I tried nub maduro once and I love maduros…but god that was awful.

  21. When did Gurkah go from being a premium to a bargin brand? Ive never been a
    fan, always thought they where over price, but damn how they have fallen.

  22. Lol heard ur computer beep at you in end

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