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Gurkha Beauty Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gurkha Beauty Cigar Review This 6.5×58 stick features a light tan wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, even slightly spongy give, double cap a…


  1. Glad to see a larger gauge burn well.

  2. Came for the Gurkha review, got a lesson in Butane lighters, not bad :)

  3. Thanks for the tip on the butane i have had a can for about the same 2 yrs
    or so and i had returned 2 xikar lighters because they failed to function
    and going to get a new can. And give it a shot. thanks

  4. Wow. I must smoke way too slow. It took me an hour and a half to get to the
    halfway point!

  5. do you have an all around favorite cigar?

  6. Thumbs up, great review as always

  7. I thought i hated gurkhas untill i put some age on them they are rlly tasty

  8. just ordered a 10 pack of these try em out see how they go

  9. Great review man, just had one of these tonight, love it

  10. (Everyone, Sing along with me !) Mr. Potato Head, and his bucket of parts.

  11. had one last weekend…..middle tasted like ‘perfume’ to me… when
    you are near someone with too much on and you can kind of taste it in the
    air…didn’t like it…is that a normal taste sensation?….novice smoker

  12. @0:03 your stick is on fire!!

  13. The cigar looks like a torch in the very beginning(with tiki torch
    lit)….a delicious, tasty torch….

  14. I tried this a few weeks back. My friend wanted me to try it. He loves
    Gurkha so much. The cigar was pretty good not much flavor and it burned
    weird and was really squishy but the humidity was about 100% that night so
    that might have changed it. I’ll try it again though.

  15. never met a Gurkha I didn’t like

  16. :01 Ahh that cigar is on fire!!!!

  17. will do

  18. hehe Bryan is well equiped with cigars,he don’t have to buy them,everyone
    sends him cigars for reviews 😀

  19. I can’t ever get a Gurkha anything to burn evenly. I don’t know….

  20. These are so boring he decided to talk about lighters instead. Got a ten
    pack of these cheap and only smoke them to make room in my humidor

  21. Let me know what you think. I love Gurkhas and would be willing to test a
    10-pack myself.

  22. I cant find a solid review of Gurkha Black Beauties

  23. IF it stays lit doing that, that isnt a bad thing. You want to take your
    time and keep it as cool as possible

  24. @ PockASweeno You’re obviously are new to cigars. All premium cigars have a
    barnyard/manure aroma to them. The Barnyard/manure is non-existent in the
    taste how ever.

  25. Never met a Gurkha that I’ve liked.

  26. Looked like you had that lit for real at the beginning!

  27. hey thanx for the lighter tip. generally I find that my jet butane lighters
    stop workin at all after 4 – 8 months. might be a i got old butane also.

  28. You two need to get a room!

  29. I absolutely loved this cigar. 2/3 of the way in my wraper fell apart and
    the cigar just really didn’t want to burn and I had to keep toasting it and
    touching it up. I know it happens and isn’t a big deal on this level of
    cigar. My friend and I where smoking and he decided to smoke his. 2/3 of
    the way in it canoe’d so badly it pretty muched trashed it. Kinda makes me
    not happy lol. Oh well just a thought. tastes amazing though!

  30. You lost me at 0:27. I am not smoking anything that smells like fecal

  31. I’ve read nothing but knocks on Gurkha………so I’m pleasantly surprised
    to have watched this review and see that you didn’t hate it, perhaps even
    enjoyed it to boot! I’ve got one coming in a sampler, wasn’t excited about
    it but now I am. Thanks!

  32. What gives with all the thumbs down?

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