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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Guillermo Leon Gran Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. So today I received my third hidden treasure sampler. Such a great sampler,
    great job.

  2. Some bundles are great if you know what you like. Davidoff makes the 3X3
    bundles. Same leaf as Davidoff but with a few cosmetic blemishes and no
    time in the aging room. Amazing value.

  3. You are so right, I would categorize that smoke as a “utility cigar” and
    ten bucks is way too much. BTW all your cigars should be free, you sell a
    ton of cigars because of your reviews. Thanks

  4. had a bundle of corona gordas, performed much better and really enjoyed

  5. An excellent review, keep it real with value!!!

  6. With all the respect. How can you review cigars, and leave out cubans? It’s
    like reviewing watches and leaving out all the “swiss made” ones. I would
    like to hear your opinion on cubans too. Otherwise, something is missing
    from the overall picture. Thanks

  7. Just to say that my everyday smoke is a toscano (very different from
    cubans). Out of the 10 cubans one may try. 3 are ridiculously overpriced. 2
    are quite “dull”. But the rest 5 are a pleasure to all senses. Mild, with a
    distinct earthiness. This flavor is unique to cubans, present to all
    cubans. Meaning, a cuban cigar is starting having always this base aroma.
    Some go further, some not. This is the basic difference. Beyond
    that,everything lies to personal taste, as to what is better and for who

  8. Thanks for your opinion. I have done some. I choose not to do them anymore
    primarily because 99% of my viewers are in the US and thus can not easily
    get them, and really don’t care. My reviews are practical and useful, to
    educate viewers about products they actually buy and smoke, not just for
    curiosity and entertainment.

  9. I have heard from many people that Cubans are not that much different or
    superior. What do you believe makes them so much better than everything
    else? Just curious would love an answer.

  10. I hate just a tobacco taste. I really love a pepper and spice. I have had a
    coffee and enjoy that too.

  11. the 3X3 and the 4X4 are awesome IMO

  12. I have to say your right, Florida is a great place for cigars. I just got
    into cigars, so I am lucky to be here in Florida.

  13. A question for you Bryan. When you end a cigar, do you grind it, or you you
    just let it rest?

  14. Thanks for your answer

  15. I appreciate you being a straight shooter on your reviews.

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