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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Finally tried this one and it bites the hell out of me. Actually I just retried it< I bought some about a year ago. I've never wanted to like a tobacco so much but it just kils my tongue. Its got a unique smell too, kinda like Oak. Like they age it in oak barrels or something, then put something else on it that ruins it.

  2. Granger is my favorite of the OTC blends, i just wish it was easier to find. i have to order it online because no one local sales it,
    I usually dump mine out and let it dry some then repack it. Same thing with SWR which is another OTC I enjoy. I thibnk they tase better on the dry side and drying them out lets the PG evaporate,

  3. I agree. I picked up a tub of Granger and am enjoying the heck out of it. I must say that I tried this many many years ago. Maybe 35? It has changed since then. I am happy to say that I like this newer blend better.

  4. where I live 30.00 for the tin not bad for 12 ounces. I smoke it every day. Nice review.

  5. I like the lane ready rubbed btw haha

  6. Is this one better than the ready rubbed by Lane? I was thinking of picking up a tub

  7. Its real similar to Velvet and Half and Half. It has the most cocoa taste and room note of the three, Velvet is more of a brown sugar taste and aroma. I love both, good video.

  8. Real nice score. Please give us a follow up. This was my tobacco at one time, don't remember it having a cocoa note. I'm like everyone else who won't sample this because we would have to commit to a tub. Plus the fact if it's cocoa/burley what separates it from SWR or Prince Albert?

  9. Great find and the best was the price Never seen it in Canada

  10. Been thinking about trying classic American tobaccos for a while now

  11. That was my Dad's go to tobacco I smoke it every so often. Take care.

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