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Gran Habano Vintage 2002 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Gran Habano Vintage 2002 Cigar Review This 5×50 dark brown oily wrapped cigar features minimal veins, a slick firm pack, invisible tight seams and a rich tob…

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  1. No Liquirce at all in this one, it a easy mistake to make, what Bryan
    refers to as Liqurice is actually a hint of burned juniper.

  2. Great video Bryan, thanks for talking about the ageing process.

  3. flordia is the cheapest place to get cigars. here in So. Cali cigar stores
    will charge double the price i get ordering online from tampa flordia.
    example an opus x would cost me 25-35 depending on the size but i get it
    for 13-20 so.

  4. @saifj Thanks! Yes it does often make a difference. Look on the site, I do
    have several lines where I have reviews of multiple sizes so you can see
    the exact differences.

  5. i love smoking wit ya dude

  6. @eldersprig I can’t remember the name of the padron but all know is the guy
    said they have Padrons and zino platium crown series for over $50

  7. Hey you got new torch….

  8. Funny thing about the ash falling every half inch or so, I smoked a Nick’s
    Stick, also by Perdomo, and I experieced the same thing with the ash.
    Looking forward to trying these as I enjoyed the Nick’s Sticks.

  9. love when you add a little lecture in cigars in the videos 🙂

  10. Hey Brian. I appreciate your videos and the extra information that you have
    added to your reviews. Keep up the good work!

  11. Great information as always! Cheers, Kevin

  12. I liked what you said about aged tobacco. I foung it very interesting.

  13. I called a tobacco store in New York and they said they have Padron’s that
    are like $53. I just wanted to ask you: If you had to take a educated guess
    how long do you think those $53 Padron’s have been aging? Because that’s a
    lot of money, I mean I just bought my first $20+ cigar (an ashton estate
    sun grown 22 year salute that only comes out once a year) and I’ve been
    smoking for over two years (pipes and cigars and hookahs) thanks

  14. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. I love your reviews. I watch
    all of them I can!

  15. I have no idea without knowing exactly which Padron it might be – you might
    be paying a lot over MSRP too.

  16. @SmokingEssy7887 a little google-fu found these for $40 for a box of 20.
    Did you think the price was for a single stick? Or was it for a different

  17. Given the current tax rate in New York (75%) — my guess would be this
    would be a Padron 80th, 45th, or 46th. Something with an MSRP of 25 – 30 in
    most states, then boosted up to over 50 in NY.

  18. Once again, great review! I was curious though … with cigars that have
    mediocre filler and binder, but good wrapper (there are a few out there),
    do you think going with smaller ring gauges would deliver more flavor? I
    would be interested to see a side-by-side review for something like that
    (same blend, different sizes). I’m not sure if the Gran Habano Vintage
    comes in anything smaller than 50, but others might

  19. Hello cigarobsession! Could you possibly recommend any type of cigar from
    your past experience that you think would be a good, weak/very mild,
    everyday price cigar with good flavor? Thank you

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