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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Thanks compadre…I am still REALLY enjoying this flake actually so I have
    not yet opened the ennerdale. I cant wait though, thanks for your input I
    really appreciate it. Condor huh…I will defenitely look that up as I have
    not had it yet. Vaya con Dios compadre

  2. Great review, i’ve been really enjoying this flake lately as well! 

  3. Good video, compadre!
    I really like the Bob’s Chocolate Flake. It made my Mid-year Top 5 last
    year :
    I find it to be incredibly tasty (although apparently mileage varies on
    this one).
    I’d be curious what your thoughts are on Condor if you’ve ever had a chance
    to try it. It definitely has that Lakeland-y/soapy-like character.
    Did you try the Ennerdale Flake yet? That stuff is the most soapy/potpourri
    I’ve ever smelled of *any* blend 🙂 But it is actually kind of nice, mainly
    because I’ve found the base tobaccos to be of good quality.

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