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Get Better Humidity from your Glasstop Humidor!

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This is how I get better humidity out of my glasstop humidors. Plus, another desktop humidor solution that we absolutely love over here at Cigars Daily.

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  1. Seems like something I'd wanna try. I'll also silicone shut the stock hygrometer in the front. All that's keeping it in place is a large silicon bushing.

  2. This is the tip of the year!! I own a large glass top humidor and a Barrister vertical display humidor!! This hack will be applied very soon!! Thanks Tim!!

  3. Well at least you're man enough to admit it 😁

  4. Fantastic video but nobody says ska douche if they don't wanna look like one. Just sayin.

  5. I use a hot glue gun.Odorless, harmless, and lasts forever.

  6. You should switch to the GE Silicone I or II without the mold protection. I don’t know about humans but I know when using it in terrariums and vivariums the mood protection one can be harmful to the animals.

  7. Thanks for the tips, as I live in the Sierras and the air inside my house is dry, dry, dry.

  8. Are we ever going to see Bradley on this channel

  9. When I resumed cigar smoking two years ago, I bought an acrylic jar. Since the summer heat in my area can rise quite high, I invested in a small wine cooler that was reasonably priced at Walmart. It has enough room for two acrylic jars. I use one for my flavor infused sticks and the other for regular cigars. Since I am an occasional cigar smoker, I may have a total of 30 sticks at any given time. I highly recommend acrylic jars.

  10. Hey Tim! I noticed your wine-cooler style humidor in the back. I'm thinking of investing in one. How do you like it? How did you prep it? How do you manage humidity in just a large case?

  11. Where did you get that small hydrometer from I need one that size.

  12. Man…your prices are higher than what I can buy boxes of cigars here in Illinois….and we all know what cigar prices are like here in Illinois! So much for deals! That's too bad. I like you and wanted to support your new endeavor….but not at those prices.

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