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Gas Station Cigars Vol. 2 (f. Cigarillos… vol. 2)

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Here is round 2 of Tim & Bradley smoking gas station cigars! see what you think, and check out our cigarillo sampler for this video:

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  1. Dutchmasters aren't bad though? Palma and Presidents are their best.

  2. Lmao "somebody worked at cutco"

  3. "Artificially Incriminated Cigars"
    – Tim, 2017

  4. Are the prime time really that decent from the last video. And I'd so can you try another flavor?

  5. So far, my favorite gas station cigar is the Backwoods Wiskey flavor. Their Port isn't too bad either.
    It's been three weeks, I'm trying to get my hands on the Bourbon ones, but they are apparently hard to get a hold of at my gas station. (what whaaat!?)
    I'm not fussy about the Rum or Original ones, though.

    What has been your favorite gas station cigars, above all others, Tim, Bradley and Dana(sp)?

  6. Just throwing this out for you try black and mild ; cream,apple, wine and vanilla. I'd love to bear your opinions on them

  7. You guys should become preachers of the gospel. got the voices for it…

  8. Grenadiers aren't that bad. There a cheap inexpensive everyday smoke. They're of course not long fillers. I like em

  9. You guys should do a “ Best cigars to pass out when your child was just born” video! I love your reviews

  10. When I served in Vietnam during the late 60s, I practically chain smoked Dutch Masters. I would buy them by the boxes in the Army PX because they were dirt cheap. Soon after, when I became a civilian, a buddy offered me a premium, hand rolled cigar. I never looked back since then. Awesome review guys!

  11. Here's a name for a cigar rocket man takes on the world

  12. can you guys try captin blacks with the plastic tip, and can you also try backwoods theres a very good chance you will like them

  13. you can buy clove cigars they are djarum filtered cigars XD so cigs but not outlawed as they are label cigars lol

  14. My local gas station actually sells acids.

  15. could you guys do a review on the hallowed sons stoogie please

  16. next time yall do gas station cigars do Drew Estate Red,Green,Blue

  17. So… 8 more volumes to go? This could be a great series because you guys are the only ones doing this on youtube, or as reputable cigar smokers reviewing machine sticks.

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