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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Garcia Y Vega Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. You are the best,
    You almost died for a review there

  2. Some of the Garcia y Vega are pretty nice. I don’t like the ones that come
    in the cellophane that much, though. Some of them come with the natural
    leaf wrappers in a glass or plastic tube and those are usually the better
    ones, in my opinion. They cost a tiny bit more, but I think it’s worth it.

  3. I think you got a shit one because when I buy them they Arnt badly wrapped
    and damaged like that but yah they’re not the best you can’t expect much
    from 99¢

  4. Garcia y cega uses actual leaves to roll there cigars

  5. Dont try anymore me and my friend mercer just reviewed a Garcia Vega cigar
    the other night and it really tasted like shit. 

  6. 7:37 tht reaction had me dying 😀

  7. Love this hoes really cums in handy when you smoking with friends when i
    roll mines it last about 40 mins with to heads

  8. stop calling it a blunt.A blunt is weed rolled in a cigar.

  9. U got 2 b kidding me this guy is completely dumb !!!,,lol

  10. wow, how the fark are you daring to do a review when you don’t even know
    what a tobacco leaf wrap is….

  11. Lmfao your reactions are hilarious

  12. I honestly think this blunt is made specifically for weed. Its so shitty
    with the tobacco it comes with, but its def the best blunt for
    rolling/taste not to mention how natural it is

  13. This nigga don’t know shit!! 

  14. You got a stale one, they’re supposed to be soft and the leaf isn’t
    supposed to come off that easily

  15. You need to try garcia vega cigarillos! White grap is good! It might change
    your opinion! Plz make a video:)

  16. Yea the fact that it separated(main outer wrap and inner) you got a really
    bad old one. I used to work at walgreens and plp would buy wraps (I told
    them go to 7eleven) cause these are old and we NEVER order them.

  17. Lol I used to the same thing with the barkies only we called them bark cigs
    and they taste like shit.

  18. lol at about 7:30 it got funny. i bet it tasted like shit but your face was

  19. garcia y vegas are beast to roll up some herb in.

  20. So are you saying people are idiots for smoking pot when you are addicted
    to nicotine and breathe smoke into your lungs just to get a fix? I’m also a
    nicotine addict, but if people wanna take other drugs then let them, it’s
    their choice.

  21. garcia y vega r good smokez 4 ganja

  22. Wouldn’t surprise me at all! The way tobacco products are in other
    countries is pretty gross, the way they plaster nasty pics all over them!

  23. انا احبك ودائما اتابعك مع اني لا افهم لغتك

  24. try the garcia y vega english corona. it tastes like fine coffee instead of

  25. lol, it really was!

  26. how you ever tryed a electric cigarette?

  27. Green blunt leaf paper shit!!! Baahaah love it lol love these bids.

  28. u need to put weed in that cigar not smoke that tobacco

  29. funny as hell

  30. What happened is you got a bad cigarillo there was something wrong with the
    packaging causing the cigar to lose humidity and dry out which causes the
    outside to become flakey and gives bad taste. I have used games which are a
    brand by Garcia that only cost 69 cents and they burn real slow

  31. “its got another stain up there, almost looks like blood” hahahahaha

  32. hahaha dont smoke that dude! its specifically for rolling up bro.. nobody
    smokes those, the leaf makes it burn really slow with bud.. its the best

  33. hahah funky ass taste!

  34. lol ” it smells like gasoline” .. bruh u should smell it wit some purp in
    it.. Who the hell smokes the tabacco .. smoke a cig

  35. Haha love your reviews!! Ever think of doin RYO cigarettes? It’s so much

  36. Haha love your reviews! You ever think about doin RYO cigarettes?

  37. Take the green leaf off and roll your blunt in that. It’s the shit

  38. I tried that a few years ago, and I didn’t like the taste, and after it all
    was said and done, I didn’t save all that much. Probably because I would
    get so frustrated with rolling them, but I know a lot of people who do, and
    they love em!

  39. Yeah, I think it was stale, I plan on trying another in the future. thanks

  40. Never have, but I just signed up for a free sample through the company
    “FIN” on facebook, and hopefully they ship it soon! I will do a review when
    I do get it for sure

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