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G. Edward Griffin on the Alex Jones Show:Bilderberg’s NWO p2

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Jason is also joined by author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss Bilderberg’s agenda, international control of the Internet,…

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  1. I sent an email to the alex jones show. I was trying to find out if anyone
    knows how much it would cost to rent out the Marriot hotel. I called in
    posing as “james” to find out what the deal was. Things I’ve done tonight:
    I called NBC, CNN, FOX, 2 local channels (1 here where I live and 1
    virginia. I have Called 3 local FBI headquarters claiming an espionage
    meeting is happening. Even called the FBI Headquarters. WHAT ARE YOU
    DOING?? (you as in THE MASSES)

  2. im here brother

  3. just keep planting the seed of truth people–everyone awakens at a slightly
    different pace 😀 “The very word Secrecy is REPUGNANT in a free society.”
    JFK “Declare Peace.” John Lennon Law of One “Do what you’re good at, and
    good will prevail” -noshishtawook (inspired by the words of aimee A) peace

  4. most people dont want to wake up. waking up is uncomfortable..they would
    rather be knowingly lied to as long as they can still drink aspartame and
    watch american idol. cause they’re pigs.sometimes i hope the rockerfellers
    and bilderbergs succeed. i’m so disgusted.i get ridiculed for being well
    informed…..wheres my back up??? at least you guys are out there

  5. uh oh…what about those of us who don’t have the dish network? I love the
    idea of a tv show though and I would definitely tune in every day or
    however often it’s on! I have TWC…the power of ME…yeah right!

  6. I real like Jason I think he is a perfect replacement for Alex when hes not

  7. chemtrails911

  8. bless u guys hearts. alex jones rules!!!

  9. why do you keep singing the same old song? He has already talked about this!

  10. i’ve reached a point where i no longer associate with anyone who dismisses
    me as a conspiacy theorist..enjoy filling your suv. enjoy your vaccines..
    enjoy losing your house… you brought it upon yourselves for being
    complacent pigs…..i will still fight for truth even if i am ostricized..

  11. down with the CFR

  12. I sent my money,you have my support

  13. i would just like to say this is a cocky responce yes hes talked about it
    but are u living under these things everyday our sky out here is covered in
    them and weve had some of the most violent weather in IOWA’s history just
    in the last year one of the worst winters huge tornados man ive lived here
    my whole life and its always been bad but this year ive had two cars and my
    gutter system ruined by the weather id say thats not the same old song and
    that chem tails are still very importent

  14. great work

  15. Why isn’t Alex supporting the march on 4th July?

  16. this man is nothing else but a philanthrope

  17. Only drunks, clueless yuppies and people floride water brain rot don’t know
    about chem-trails. What can we do about it? I see noone anywhere giving
    answers to what we do about this whole mess, besides “wake up and get
    informed, research, etc” now what? Unless united we’re doomed…

  18. Its International man – our time may come.

  19. I have been listening to his show for 3 months, he never mentioned. Plus,
    it is a way for me to reach people and have them search the topic. so I
    will post the same message more often in the future, do not take personal
    Alex Jones worker!

  20. ive been at that point.. im so far that anyone who is a sheep instinctively
    hate me.. i can go to lets say the mall.. and ppl will actually make
    aggorgant comments

  21. Is Alex Jones going to talk about CHEMTRAILS THE MOST IMPORTANT issue right
    now just google chemtrails

  22. What’s Jason doing at 7:40?! LOL

  23. Anybody else out there see Obama as a Manchurian Candidate? Bush drives up
    the deficit, Obama will tax it to pay for it, all along getting the
    Americans more and more dependent on Mother Government. And really, Where
    did Obama come from?, It was like “POOF” there he is!

  24. kudos to alex jones, jason and to mr. G. Edward Griffin!

  25. im in

  26. power…..bore me you want a life…not power Go get a life

  27. I WANT TO BE A BILDERBURG!!! do you need a Bachelors? i just got my
    A.A…maybe there taking interns… I WANT POWER!

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