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Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cigar review by Delicia Cigar Vixen

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Cigar review of the Fuente Hemingway Short Story with Delicia the Cigar Vixen.


  1. Great review but it’s not a Short Story, way to big for a ST as Ariel has
    pointed out it’s a Hemingway Work Of Art. Still a great small cigar.

  2. Thats not the short story, its the hemingway work of art… Great review

  3. Yes, agreed. Both are a great compliment. I would like to try out some pipe
    smoking one of these days…

  4. in your hands it looks more like a best seller 🙂 when i hold it it’s seems
    tiny .

  5. Great stick, what lighter is that?

  6. It’s a Lamborghini lighter I used, the cutter is also a Lamborghini cutter.
    I love using them.

  7. A man of wonderful taste 😉

  8. I have several, including this one. Great smoke 🙂

  9. Thanks for this review Delicia, I’v ben looking for a shorter smoke. I just
    ordered a pack of 5 to enjoy. We all get so busy it gets hard to find the
    time to enjoy a bigger stick sometimes. Take Care

  10. nice review. Where is this beautiful place?

  11. Thanks for watching!! Yes, sometimes these shorter ones are more convenient
    and the nice thing is this one packs a great little punch! Enjoy yours!!!

  12. Thank you. This was at South Coast Winery in Temecula, CA

  13. Nice review Delicia. I always felt either coffee or bourbon complimented a
    cigar perfectly. I’ve also ventured into the pipe smoking world as well; a
    whole new realm of flavors to discover.

  14. One of my ‘go-to’ cigars! What’s yours?

  15. One of my favorite smokes

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