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FTR Il Duomo Humidor Tour

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Hey guys this is just a little tour of my humidor and a sneak peek of what cigars I will soon be reviewing! Remember to like, subscribe, and comment on how m…

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  1. Since I first started reviewing I have greatly expanded my collection. I
    first started with about 10 cigars. Once I realized there were people that
    actually wanted to see reviews and actually subscribed to my channel I made
    a stronger investment. I purchases websites and a larger humidor and
    expanded my cigar collection to about 100 cigars. You are the reason I
    continue doing this and spend what I spend. Thank you so much for watching!

  2. Hey FTR, Im thinking of buying that exact humidor as my main humidor….
    How do you like it? How is the quality of it? Does it hold humidity well?
    Thanks, Anthony. Great videos BTW.

  3. thanks for the tour. i smoked that Gispert not to long ago thinking it was
    gunna be a dull cheapie but it is a nice mild smoke and it has this little
    sweetness perfect for the morning with a coffee. CHEERS!

  4. Yea it is you are very correct I have updated my selection and have picked
    up some more CAO products!

  5. It looks like that CAO cigar that you weren’t sure about is the CAO Black.
    Those are yummy. Thanks for the tour 🙂

  6. Wow loved the cigar tour buddy. WOW quite a selection as well. You like
    medium to bigger cigars like I do as well. How long did it take you to
    accumulate such a collection? and NICE humidor as well. Man you got a lot
    of reviews coming, ha. Look forward to them. Cheers! Chris

  7. To be completely honest with you, this is the best of the Quality Imports
    line of humidors. That being said Quality Imports sells the cheapest,
    Chinese made humidors. The only way I would recommend this humidor is if at
    the same time you pickup 2 gel jars, a digital hygrometer, and throw away
    that little cedar humidifier holder its a serious waste of space.

  8. awesome collection thinks for the tour

  9. That’s great to know that way I can actually enjoy my Gisperts.

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