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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I had this for the 1st time last night. I really enjoyed this as a beginner smoker. Couldn't agree more with your review of this beauty!

  2. Super cigar and thanks so much for the review!
    I was surprised about how similar your and my tasting experiences are. I also immediately tasted a toasted breadlike flavor, but a bit different. I tasted freshly ovenbaked breadsticks, with a rich layer of summer grassfed cows salted buttercream and a thin layer of high quality sunflower honey. Apart from that, I tasted a Dutch cinnamony and syrupy baked bolus bread like flavor, poured over with a splash of raisins on cognac. Truly, in my opinion this is a quite affordable, bold cigar which feels really powerful and contains lots of classic flavors.

  3. I did not enjoy this one as much, taste a bit on the hay side. Maybe needs time in the humidor, nice burn though…

  4. she is not even inhaling…

  5. Looks like the ash held up well on it too. Nice flavor profile and sounds like it indeed would go great with a nice hot cup of java:) Cheers!

  6. I would love to send you a stick to try and give me your opinion.

  7. Thank you Ms. D, just ordered some..

  8. Good morning D, I love this smoke, the Fratello Oro is an amazing tasting cigar. I received a phone call from an 800 number that i didnt recognize, so i googled it, it came back to….it was Evil Andy the sales rep. he sold me 10 of these for 14.99 since i had a 20 dollar gift card credited to my account. On the one hand, Im glad to get a great smoke at a great price. but on the other hand, my wife isnt going to invite andy to christmas dinner lmao. Have a great weekend D.

  9. Yes Yes soft hands long nails you are a real Lady

  10. Any chance you can take time to give me advice as I launch my channel?

  11. Nice review …looking to find one to try

  12. Awesome review. Made my day.

  13. Love a morning stick. Thanks for the heads up on this one! Thumb's up my friend!~John

  14. I had this in box-pressed torpedo. It was a very good cigar, but not very memorable. Good, not great.

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