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Foundation The Wise Man Maduro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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I smoke and review The Wise Man Maduro by Foundation Cigar Company. Check out my written review and much more at:

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  1. Love this cigar. Smokin this right now

  2. Lol. I couldn't help but notice your face after the final third was about 6 shades of red darker. Was it strong? Was funny to go back and forth between the beginning and end of the video. Big difference in face color. Lol. Good review tho.

  3. Yeah Corona Gorda is the best size, great review !

  4. You're handsome, but if you trimmed your beard, it would look better.

  5. Have you already been to Brazil? I recommend the beautiful beaches of Joao Pessoa, in Paraiba. Beautiful beaches, and beautiful Brazilian women.

  6. You're a great guy who makes video for friends. deserved to have 100,000 views

  7. Nice review brother. I really enjoy the original as well. Looking forward to trying this one.

  8. Good review. Sounds like something I would like.

  9. Long time no see. Glad your back mate

  10. Hey Cut glad to see you back on The Porch I liked the Wiseman also found Roma Craft bought a 50 count box of those those😎 ROCKY PETEL has a Special Edition Maduro that's just plain awesome an on my top self Davidoff Colorado Puro sitting Pretty have a great week 😎

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