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Felix Assouline Ringo Colt Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Felix Assouline Ringo Colt Cigar Review This 6.5×38 stick features a dark chocolate red hued buttery soft satin wrapper with slight mottling, minimal veins, …

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  1. Where’s the “CO” shirt??

  2. This looks like a good smoke to try. I hqve never had a lancero.

  3. on a side note, i was trying to find the cricket in my house till i
    realized it was in the video lol

  4. maybe it’s in the wash

  5. I am going to have to find these, they sound very good. Lancero’s tend to
    be my favorite size, but also seem to be the hardest to find ( especially
    at my local B&M, you would think since i have 4 local shops i would be able
    to find some )… least good ones. I guess because bigger ring gauge
    sticks seem to be the trend

  6. Where can one buy these? Ive checked Smoke Inn and Corona Cigar Company so

  7. i have such a hard time not feeling like im smoking a sharpie marker with
    the smaller ring gauge sticks.. looks good tho.

  8. I’ve recently been looking for a good Lancero to try. I’ll have to find
    one. Sounds great. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. sounds like a very well made cigar

  10. It would be cool if you could say which country the cigar is made in, at
    the beginning . Cheers from Lithuania! Love your reviews.

  11. That is a great size. Wish lanceros were in more brands vitolas. You might
    like the Avo XO Preludio which is 38 X 6 and easy to find. Cheers.

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