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Felix Assouline Ego Maniac Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Felix Assouline Ego Maniac Cigar Review This 6.5×56 stick features a dark brown and red glove soft wrapper with an even soft box pressed pack, minimal veins,…



  1. That’s a NICE looking Cigar!!

  2. Loving the background music! Great review too.

  3. Was thinking the same thing.

  4. great music Brian ha ha

  5. Beautiful looking cigar.

  6. Ass-oh-line. What a name for a cig.

  7. Great review, it sounds like something im going to have to try. Thanks for
    the heads up on their Cigarillos, I have been looking for good ones for a
    while. Something I can enjoy on break at work, and not waste most of a good
    $8-$10 stick. Unfortunately as you mentioned, good ones are hard to find.
    Most either taste nothing like a good cigar, or have performance issues.

  8. Sorry, I just can’t put anything called “Assouline” in my mouth. It sounds
    like Vasoline for one’s nether regions. That is all.

  9. Video sound track reminds me of funeral or wedding…can’t decide which.
    Then again any married guys watching know the difference?

  10. Sorry to jump off-topic, but how do you get so much detail out of your
    pictures. They almost feel like they are jumping out of the screen.

  11. Great reviews. I have had a few Sublimes recently, have u had any
    experience with them, they are one of my favorites.

  12. The organ music on the intro coupled with the coffin shaped lid of the
    lighter makes for a slightly unnerving start to this…

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