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FAKE Cuban Montecristo No2 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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I screwed up – this is a fake! I’m leaving this up for history. I explained an apologized in a video on 3/1/14 FAKE Cuban Montecristo No2 Cigar Review This 6…


  1. I cant take any of your reviews positively after watching this. How do I
    know when your faking the taste or not. 

  2. I find it funny how when you thought it was real, it was good. I bet your
    review would have been very different if you knew it was a fake.

  3. So, presumably the pepper/pop-rocks tingle is actually the old diaper that
    the cigar was packed with? The fact that this was sent anonymously would’ve
    been a warning sign, no? Or is that typical?

  4. One of the most iconic blends and vitolas in history and one of the most
    imitated by makers outside Cuba for flavor profile and body. Like many of
    the great old blends these had a long period where they pretty much fell on
    their face. But for some odd reason, Monte 2s have been coming through
    amazing and smoking like they used to back in the day. People are raving
    about them lately all over the world

  5. smoking that same cigar whilst watching! awesome.

  6. So I was a good fake

  7. Copy that.

  8. Cubans like to be kept at around 63-65%RH

  9. Thought you’re not allowed to smoke Cubans in the U.S, what are the laws

  10. I guess this questions my previous question 🙂 I was fortunate enough to
    actually smoke this once, a great cigar.

  11. A utterly horrid cigar in my opinion the Diplomatico is so much better in
    my opinion, but hey my opinion is worth squat and it looked like you
    enjoyed it.

  12. Fake

  13. The cigar looks like um un balancing(??)
    Its not look good….

  14. The laws for Cuban cigars is that Bryan glen could smoke what ever he wants

  15. Welllll after that lovely description..I’ve got to try one! I have found a
    nice selection off of you and a lot of knowledge so thank you! 

  16. I wonder how long the Cuban embargo is going to last. As well as how long
    the current regime there will last as well. I hope for positive change to
    come soon.

  17. Great review. I’m partial to cohiba and Trinidad as far as Cubans go.
    Epicure by hoyo is great too

  18. Classy move on admitting it was a fake. Stuff like that is why I only watch
    your reviews.

  19. No mention of the box date?

  20. One hell of a smoke, friend brought me back one from Cancun and it was

  21. My all time favorite cigar! Love ’em!

  22. Test of Cubans…Love it….Thanks :-)

  23. Sounds like a very good fake.

  24. Anyone know a reliable site to get one of these? I can find them everywhere
    online but worried because I heard Cubans are always counterfeited
    especially in the states.

  25. Shit happens, get over it! Brian you’re still the man! 

  26. I feel blessed we have real Cubans in England the Dominican and Honduras
    stuff just ain’t upto scratch after you had a real cuban 

  27. Gotta tell ya, I just picked up a box of 25 Monte 2’s in Oct. of last year
    (real deal). And your review was pretty consistent with my experience. I
    watched your apology first and had to check out the review. I was waiting
    for you to review the nutty tones towards the bottom of the cigar, and sure
    enough you experienced the same thing.
    Not saying this wasn’t a fake, but it sounds like a Monte 2 review. 

  28. Sweet!
    Loving the Cuban series!

    Haven’t had the pleasure of trying one… Maybe some day.

  29. The band looks quite suspect unless its an older one… It should be

  30. I first became familiar with the No 2 over 25 years or so ago. I had
    friends in business with Canadian partners and they would bring me all the
    great Cuban brands to try. This was always my favorite, I liked it better
    than its much more storied Cohiba’s. The No 2 is my all-time favorite
    cigar…..BY FAR! This is what the Cohiba wants to be when it grows up in my
    humble opinion. Thanks for the review.

  31. I’m not sure that an off center band is a 100% reliable diagnostic of it
    being fake. The Cubans are notorious for allowing printing errors,
    mispells, etc, to be used. In addition, the white dots appear to be the
    correct size, and in the correct position. Printing looks crisp, with no
    fuzziness, etc. If the band was more glossy than papery, that is a good
    sign too. The idea that the band has to be embossed is not 100% accurate.
    They were not partially embossed until sometime in 2006. I.e., 2006 has
    both the unembossed and embossed bands. I believe the only parts embossed
    are the two rings and the Fleur-de-lis Finally, do you have enough
    familiarity with this cigar to say if it tasted like a Monty 2?

  32. Must be a very young No.2 according to your taste profile. A lot will
    change once matured, more coffee, creaminess and even a hint of vanilla.
    It’s nice to see you reviewing cubans even though I guess it’s hard to get
    hands on them in the US. Cubans certainly need to be stored in a dryer
    climate than non-cubans and I see a lot of American reviewers with problems
    caused by way too humid storage. 1 of 50 Cuban cigars have any problems
    with burn or construction once kept at 63-65 RH%

  33. Looks fake. Logo off centered and not embossed. These also rarely burn
    longer than 40 min. 

  34. I question your opinion now.

  35. Hi Brian! I am so thankful that you had posted this video review. It
    seems that my brother in law too has been bamboozled. He was so confident
    that it was real, until yesterday I bought a REAL DEAL CUBAN MONTECRISTO
    NO.2. When you put them side by side you can easily spot which one is real
    and which one is fake. Like you said, the band on the fake ones are off
    centered, the color of the band is not a rich brown color and also, the
    real band has raised letterings. Whereas, the fake one just looks
    discolored and doesn’t have raised letterings. I took pictures of them
    side by side. If you’d like to see them please let me know. Cheers!

  36. Thanks for keeping it honest. Cubans of today are overrated in my opinion
    anyway. Opus x, Camacho Coyolar perfecto, LFD Double Ligero 654 do the
    trick for me :-)

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