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Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra Gorditos Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra Perfecto Cigar Review This 5 1/8×56 stick features a perfecto shape , minimal veins, tight firm pack, dry dusty slightly toothy …

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  1. If you get the chance to pick up and Esteban Carreras 10 Anos, I highly
    recommend it. And to play devils advocate, shops may choose to carry the
    big brands only because that’s what sells. A lot of smokers are creatures
    of habit, and they buy box after box of the same sticks. I see it at my
    shop all the time. That being said, I prefer variety. 

  2. This is the best rant ever.

  3. The Robusto Grande is in my top 25 right now, rated a 9 up there with
    Padron & Opus. Sorry yours didnt wake up much; low smoke
    output+uni-dimensional=wet? I smoked mine at 62-65 & got a lot more
    complexity, my notes state thick, chewy plumes of smoke as well…anyway.
    These can be found easily @AtlanticCigar.(

    Agree with you on shops carrying boutique/interesting cigars. Problem is,
    the consumer base for that product is substantially smaller.

  4. I feel you about the local shops. Same in SoCal. Always Cohiba, Rocky, Alec
    Bradley (which fortunately I love AB so no complaints there.) Fuente Romeo
    y Julieta..etc. Sometimes Esteban Carreras at ONE store kind of far from
    me. No boutiques, no rare stuff, no special lines. I mean, I agree with
    mero40k. the B&M’s have limited shelf space and they have to recoup
    expenses. Also they sell that shelf space at a premium in order to do just
    that. Maybe General Cigar etc. are the only companies that can afford that
    on the reg? Maybe The boutique stuff just isn’t in high enough demand to
    sell well? IDK just spit-balling. It is very frustrating. Also, with B&M’s,
    you have a humidor…HUMIDIFY IT! The hell?! I went into one the other day
    and it felt like a pantry! Cool dry place is for packaged foods, not
    cigars! Love your vids, man! Thanks for the reviews! They are very

  5. Great rant, and I could NOT agree more!!! 

  6. just smoke the f*** cigar… you look so upset, just chill bryan

  7. You just said that you weren’t going to cut it before lighting… I guess
    old habits are hard to break. LoL…

  8. Chupa was great

  9. Regulation makes it costly to employ people 

  10. While I understand your local shop rant… They have to stock what sells..
    Kinda like you! Respectfully… if you only catered to the unicorn rainbow
    themed weddings for photography , and did little in the traditional you too
    would find yourself out of work… So chat up your local shop and tell
    them what you would buy ( and BUY IT !!!) and what you think you would LIKE
    to buy (AND BUY IT !!). I bet they would expand the selection IF, they
    sell the cigars you chose!! If the cigars dont sell the shop cannot carry
    them! just good business!! It is our job to help our local shops grow and
    expand.. If we dont make it worth while to them… They just won’t take

  11. Mate, you really need to invest in a vernier caliper. I just looked online
    and they are only around £15, and probably far cheaper over there. You will
    always know the exact ring gauge. 

  12. Relating to your rant, I agree there should be a review or an evaluation
    for an employee’s work. Some websites just look like some jerk off copied
    and pasted HTML scripts and said fuck it. Anyway, great vid.

  13. You should visit Albuquerque, NM. We have a shop, Monte’s, that has a
    1500sq ft humidor and thousands of cigar frontmarks. 

  14. I want to start making more cigar videos what video edit do you use I need
    a good one so I can smoke the hole thing and edit it down thx let me know I
    want to start doing cigars I have not seen on youtube

  15. Great vid!!!! Gotta say some of your rants are just awesome!

  16. Another Excellent Vid!

  17. RANTS! We love your rants….

  18. Open up a cigar shop brian !

  19. Like always, great vids!

  20. Like the new intro a lot!

  21. Brian they are based out of Dana Point California the owner has a cigar
    shop out there. Being from Southern California I go there quite often. Just
    be thankful that you have 20 cigar lounges within a few miles of you. I
    Have to travel at least 25 to 30 miles to get to one cigar lounge You can
    contact him through the cigar shop. Its called Dana Point cigar and wine.

  22. Preach baby preach

  23. Hey Brian, I have been to the website. Try going in the accessory section!!
    All the icons are non-functional ;D

  24. Seems to me that you might benefit from a “rant” video lol. There are many
    things you would be justified in ranting about… I believe that if you
    have some issues with online or local shops then you have every right to
    voice your opinion; I know many of us would like to know the horrible
    places so we can help each other avoid them. 

  25. Love the rants! You should do more. :)

  26. Best Rants! Haha!

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