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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Sorry that last one posted before I finished typing. I just wanted to say
    thanks for your last reply. You are absolutely right, there are way to many
    silly ideas about cigar smoking. Cigars are meant to be enjoyed so why do
    we try to put so many rules on how we should enjoy them. Who cares if you
    smoke in your humidor, that’s what you enjoy. Who cares if you leave the
    band on or take it off, we all have our preferences and really no one is
    right or wrong we smoke em the way we enjoy em. More po

  2. You’re saying that a little paper band around a cigar can change the taste?
    In other words, 1 inch of paper changed the taste of a complete blend?
    Thats bs.

  3. @WarrenM59 The correct question is,what moron,and ignoramus that smokes
    cigars,does not know that it is perfectly ok to smoke inside of a walk in
    humidor.The answer is you.

  4. @alen209 Alen.Thanks for the compliment.Feel free to get in touch with me
    if you can’t find any stogies.E mail me

  5. So a cigar is nothing until you call it. Perhaps one of the most arrogant
    statements I’ve heard in quite some time. And what kind of idiot smokes
    cigars inside a humidor where stock is kept.

  6. Dear Percy if you sit in your humidor all day smoking cigars you will ruin
    your stock and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Humidors are
    meant to keep out external pollutants and your stale secondhand smoke is
    not going to enhance the aging process. Before you put it out in the public
    domain you really should learn a little more about your subject.

  7. I smoked a 5150 a week ago and it was ok. I really didnt get enough
    smoke,but it really lasted and so did the ash

  8. Hi Percy I just want to say thanks for your

  9. it is actually considered improper in many cultures to leave the band on
    your cigar. and in my experience, in some cases it can mess with the taste
    of your stogie

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