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Epicurian AG Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Epicurian AG Cigar Review This 6×56 stick features a dark chocolate mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, firm even pack, double cap and mild choc…


  1. Not quite yet as of today but very soon!!

  2. ! just subscribed !

  3. Thank you for posting another review! Since it’s summer i wait around all
    day waiting for you and some others to post videos. Much appreciated.

  4. Gonna go out to JR Cigars tomorrow to see if they carry them and enjoy one
    asap. Thanks again Brian.

  5. Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly for my redneck/hillbilly
    neighborhood, yes.

  6. Great review Bryan! Kepp it up!

  7. Sounds like a winner!

  8. Very nice review Bryan! At 2:09 is that a rooster calling?

  9. chiefin’ like a boss

  10. Bryan The mosquito feasting on your blood at 2:10 just put up a review of
    it. He says your blood has a bit of iron on the draw, but a fine finish of
    peat and orange peel!

  11. How early do you smoke you cigars?

  12. I’m still waiting for Arnold the pig to pay you a visit!

  13. rotf

  14. very nice review Bryan 🙂

  15. I have used it hundreds of times in my videos, I use a torch when it’s too
    windy for the natural flame.

  16. Hi Bryan, I notice you’re not using a “blue” blowtorch type flame to toast
    these days. Is there a reason for this? Cheers!

  17. wow…so they are NOT available yet then? cannot WAIT to get my mits on
    some of those…great review..

  18. the ash falls in Bryan’s lap: son of a…. xD

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