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EP 70: NewAair CC 100H Cigar Humidor Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Today we will be reviewing the NewAir CC-100H Cigar Humidor/Wineador. We will be discussing how to set up, pros & cons, and why we think this is a Wineador you should buy!

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  1. Good review, still contemplating it because of the size, hopefully they come out with one that is like there 300 or 400 size so I can pair that with the wine fridge under the counter. Right now I have 2 tupperdors that hold about 150-200 each in one of my lower cabinets with a child lock so the little ones can't get into them.

  2. Great review and breakdown of this humidor.

  3. How many Boveda packs are needed to make the wineador a consistent Rh level from top to bottom?

  4. First….ugh…second! Great video guys!

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