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EP 61: Cigar vs Pipe Smoking

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As we dabble further into Tobacco Pipes, we discuss Cigar vs Pipe smoking. We’ll talk about the differences between the two and if we prefer one over the other. Please sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out!



  1. Good video. There is definitely a leaning curve to pipes, but worth it. Muttonchop Piper has a YouTube page with a lot of helpful pipe info.

  2. Good to see you getting onto the pipe smoking hobby, I really enjoyed this video, I look forward to more, any questions on pipe smoking or tobacco related products feel free to contact me ☺

  3. hey fellers! cheers from Louisiana! I enjoy both pipes and cigars, have for a few years now. As far as lighting goes you might do well with trying wood matches.. Also, do t focus too much on the packing methods and teniques. Find what works for you.

  4. hi guys! cheers from a new italian rock n roll pipe channel!

  5. Great vid lads watchen in northern Ireland I smoke the pipe love the corn cob enjoy

  6. I smoke both a pipe and cigars. They are different but the aim of both is to relax and enjoy the moment. 2 different sides of the same coin. Lots of good points you both made. I enjoy both, it depends on the situation and the mood. Nice to have both options. (as long as the tins are not popped they can last 20 years – this is sometimes preferred as some tobaccos get better and better with age)) Cheers, Mark

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