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English Bulldogs Are Not Lazy…

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Gus is a very active dog, people tend to have ideas of what types of dogs do what but hes not just some lazy fat dog, hes healthy, active, and in shape, don’…


  1. I dont know what was in your cookie but NO CHOCOLATE EVER FOR DOGS!
    Its toxic for them and can make them go blind or even die
    just spread the word
    same goes for onions
    if you choose to give your dogs human food PLEASE look it up before you do

  2. Sorry but have to pop back on here to correct the person who said a little
    chocolate one in a while is not harmful to dogs… Wrong wrong wrong.
    Damage to the liver is cumulative. The relative sizes of dog and chocolate
    portion matter… I learned all this the hard way. Fortunately my 20# dog
    survived her encounter with 3-5 pieces of Belgian chocolate with immediate
    stomach pumping. I almost didn’t see the evidence but fortunately did on my
    way out the door to work and decided to call the vet. I would have come
    home to a dead dog if I hadn’t.
    But you aren’t dumb enough to get your veterinary advice from YouTube
    comments, I hope. 

  3. Also grapes which I hadn’t heard about…. (But who said he was giving
    chocolate? are you just taking the opportunity to remind us?). Adorable
    little buddy you’ve got there, uploaded. Thanks!

  4. I love his one white paw. Is he still with you, Cutlerylover?

  5. I LOVE GUS!!!!! 

  6. Bulldogs are a trip, but to those who want one, they cannot tolerate hot
    weather or cold, they can’t swim either and many have health issues. So be
    aware of that first and the fact they prefer stay at home parents like us.
    If you can handle these issues then by all means, get one because they are
    the cutest. However, ours is battling seizures and we are scared to death
    over this. Its more or less under control now with phenobarbital, but she
    had one at the vets the other day, first one in a year. She was having
    “head bobs”, but plain yogurt and honey has really helped that. 

  7. I have a bulldog to


  9. gus is gorgeous

  10. I love Gus!!!!!

  11. is that a cutlass?

  12. oo its so cute :)

  13. Looks like a flying wombat



  16. Gus is such a boss!

  17. A cool dog .

  18. I love the red coat he reminds me of my girl. I miss my girl.

  19. dogs….there soo much better than us humans aren’t they…..

  20. <3

  21. did i see new rims on your car?

  22. Nice house Jeff outside looks amazing !

  23. gus is so cool

  24. Gus looks like an awesome dog!

  25. Nah…not lazy at all. Beat you to the door, scratched at it, bounded
    halfway back and barked at you…hahaha…

  26. I think the problem here is that Gus has 4wheel independent suspension with
    more torque getting to the ground due to shorter tires.

  27. That’s what she said.

  28. Amazing vid Jeff keep it up

  29. What a awesome dog

  30. Go Gus

  31. Cool dog

  32. More Gus, More Cowbell, More Gus, More Cowbell!

  33. If a dog with 2 inch legs can beat you you have problems LOL.

  34. lmao

  35. Gus is to cool

  36. Gus is the shit.

  37. Awww he’s such as awesome no trouble making dog. Did he ever go to puppy

  38. Ahh Gus, better than a bali video.

  39. I just got a english bull dog pup his name is igor and he is a half brindle
    half white coloration

  40. yes them bullies are fast my boy often runs me down

  41. Good to see Gus made it through the end of days aswell. 🙂

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