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Emilio AF Suave Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Emilio AF Suave Toro Cigar Review This 6×50 stick features a light tan butter soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, double cap, even spongy pack and …

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  1. Oliva connecticut. Probably should sleep first next time.

  2. That’s the Xikar Crossover lighter. Check out the review on Bryan’s website!

  3. I’ll go ahead and answer for him because I think I know how he’ll respond.
    Wrapper color really doesn’t matter to him, he’s all about flavor profile
    vs strength. As he has said in many of his reviews before, he likes full
    body flavor with little to no strength. I tend to agree with him, but I
    don’t care so much about strength, all I care about is flavor.

  4. hey um how do i send cigars for reviw ?

  5. Sounds similar to the olivia conneticut reserve. Will have to try it.

  6. Hey Bryan, I am a big fan and was curious as to what brand your torch is
    and where, if possible, I could get one like that. thanks

  7. hey bryan i live in florida and you have alot of cigar vidoes, so i was
    wondering can you tell me were you get your cigars from i know some people
    give them to you for review sometimes, but if you have a store you go to do
    you mind telling me.

  8. is it possible for cigars from one place to taste amazing and then ones
    from a different store have almost no flavore. cuz i cant hardly get any
    flavor from the place closest to my house but from a store further away
    they taste great

  9. Awesome music.

  10. Hey Bryan, do you ever buy boxes of cigars (i.e. 25 cigars) or do you
    prefer to have a strictly diversified humidor?

  11. Absolutely, storage conditions are critical to cigars. That’s a huge reason
    why I much prefer to only smoke from my home collection, even at a lounge.
    I’ll make a purchase but take them home most of the time, smoking what I

  12. Going to try this one

  13. Just click Contact on the site – thanks!

  14. @cigarobsession do you prefer the darker or lighter wrappers?

  15. As time goes on my box collection has increased, it’s about 50/50 right
    now. I tend to use the boxes as giveaway fodder more than I smoke them
    though, it’s just cheaper for me.

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