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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Somebody has an embur up on ebay. The auction starts at $140 and the buy it
    now is $190.

  2. i love things like this. the creator added a killswitch and a timer on it.
    so smart for stoners lol

  3. Check KUSH CLEAN BEAT GRUNGE OFF SIDE BY SIDE. WATCH how it works without
    scrubbing or shaking right infront of your eyes! KUSH CLEAN IS LESS

  4. very cool

  5. this is awesome, I had herd about it but this is the first I see it, its
    about time they take the cord off of the glow wand

  6. the medicating area ahhahahha

  7. nice

  8. aka Danno1962 Thank you Sir!

  9. Developed and made in the US? HAHAHA! Like most products its invented in
    the US and made in China.

  10. Thanks Opus. I would love to stop buying lighters once and for all!

  11. It’s basically a cordless soldering iron. It looks nice, but not for $250.

  12. Battery life is decent and charges times are not the fastest. Other than
    that it’s the shit. Have had mine for a little while ago and don’t regret
    buying it.

  13. Nice. But my $35 cordless soldering iron does the same thing….it’s not as
    pretty though…

  14. Concentrates? How so? Do explain….

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