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Electric Arc lighters – How good are they?

Posted by in Lighter Review

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A video looking at how good and practical Electric arc lighters really are.
They are also known as Plasma lighters, Tesla lighters and flameless lighters.

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  1. they are designed for smoking?? theyre not design flaws they just. didnt designn it for the examples you used…

  2. does it last long for the price?

  3. holds charge all day for me. I smoke a pack a day with three other people using it. and the bat goes bad after about 500 charges . you can replace the battery as I have

  4. they are on sale they are called edison lighter(stick lighter)

  5. Do you know: How many lights per charge? How long to charge? How many charge cycles before battery fails?

  6. This would be fantastic for people living off grid or for SHTF. Together with a solar charger like the Goal Zero this could be the answer to permanent fire source.

  7. good review, honest and good visuals.

  8. These things are too big, that other one you talked about is the size of an electric screwdriver, way too big.

  9. that sound is really annoying tho

  10. the longs ones are called edison arc lighters. about 20 American dollars on amazon

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