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Electric Arc Lighter review: Does it work? OH YEAH!

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Electric Arc Lighter review: Does it work OH YEAH!
The Atomic lighter will work in wind, need no fuel, just recharge it with USB. I give my suggestions to take the $20 bucks and buy a bunch of disposable lighters. A fantastic barter item.
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  1. My local Kroger is no longer carrying regular matches ….why ?…these eco groups behind the scenes are constantly making it difficult to be self sufficient …in the name of safety !

  2. Bic lighters are reported to fail in cold weather. I wonder how this performs under cold temperatures. Also, there are inexpensive solar chargers that you can use for this if needed. Thanks for the video.

  3. But will it do hemp…for medicinal purposes of course?

  4. Not going to work if it gets EMP pulsed.. Also no way to recharge without electricity…

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