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El Triunfador No 4 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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El Triunfador No 4 Cigar Review This 5×48 stick features a dark brown oily slightly toothy wrapper with an even spongy give, triple cap and sweet cedar aroma…



  1. My favorite Tatuaje, try it in the morning with coffee.

  2. You should just add in after you’re done smoking it and say if you would
    ever buy it for your own collection.

  3. I have one of these left in the humidor. It may not survive the night.
    Thanks for the review!

  4. Great video this seems right up my alley

  5. Nice

  6. Made by Tatuaje? Well no wonder it was a good smoke. 😉

  7. Pete Johnson has many brands besides the Tatuaje line(4 or 5 Tatuaje
    variations now I think)…like Avion, FAUSTO, La Casita Criolla,
    Cabaiguan(which I think is his finest cigar), Ambos Mundos, La
    Riqueza(which is also very good IMO), and El Triunfador…and he has a
    couple new ones that came out this year…Plus he makes the NHC’s also for
    New Haven Cigar

  8. I absolutely LOVE this blend. Nice review.

  9. just fyi bryan, there is actually a cigar called the san lotano oval which
    you might check out. apparently, the oval shape is a traditional shape for
    some cigars. but that might be just a rumor… tatuaje in general makes
    some pretty good stuff. good review.

  10. Id like to watch dat ash fall off

  11. Hi Brad, I have a very basic question. How do you know if the “black
    pepper” is a quality present in a good cigar, or if it is just an excess of

  12. Another excellent cigar by Pete Johnson. An El Triunfador in the morning,
    La Riqueza at lunch, and a Cojonu 2003 after dinner sounds like my kind of

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