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El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga Oscuro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga Oscuro Cigar Review This 6×54 stick features a unique tissue paper wrap with the band over top, covering the almost black, sat…


  1. I thought that motorcycle was the lighter and i am like… is that a two
    stroke lighter?

  2. The El Rey Del Mundo Robuso Suprema has been a staple cigar in my humidor
    for years and has never disappointed me. I’m still working through the
    ones I bought several years ago and I have not tried any of the current
    production. It’s a tragedy that the QC has tanked, years ago they were a
    wonderful cigar.

  3. that sucks i just bought one today because i enjoy the punches from the
    factory those were rolled at

  4. That cigar was rolled at 4:59 on a Friday

  5. Hey do you have any videos of your humidor?? if not I think we’d all LOVE
    to see a video of it in the future!

  6. The best way to smoke a cigar is being inside .-)

  7. Off with there heads

  8. your neighbors seem to have been testing their tyres.

  9. I have bought a box from el rey del mundo and haven’t had any issues with
    construction, I would greatly appreciate if would try another review. I
    would like to see a full review.

  10. I’m smoking that cigar right now. I have smoked it a few times & have had
    no problems. It’s a good cigar & sales really good at the cigar shop I go
    to all the. Try again & see if u get different results.

  11. That was a faliure

  12. ohh the ending of this one was sad lol

  13. I was talked into buying this one at my B&M today, despite your review I
    gave it a shot. I’m glad I did. The construction needed a couple touch ups,
    but I was surprised after seeing this on the quality. Either you had a dud,
    or I got lucky. You should give it a second shot. I should note however
    that I had a smaller size.

  14. I’ve had these in the robusto and thought it was not bad. Maybe I just got
    lucky, but I’ve yet to have a burn problem. Oh well…

  15. I wonder if this was a common issue with this cigar…really terrible

  16. I just can’t live with it’s tiny capacity compared to the Crossover. 25%
    the time is not doable for me.

  17. Was one of my go bys for 20 years. When Llaneza first got the tobacco for
    this brand, he bought a huge qty, cheap cause nobody wanted it. He saw a
    diamond in the rough, and aged it to perfection. The resulting cigars, and
    “new” brand was ERdM. they were fantastic. Still a good line, especially
    his name sake, but nothing like those from that ugly duckling tobacco.

  18. If it’s a Cuban and the filler was all crap like that, it’s most likely
    that you got a fake.

  19. I had one of these recently and the construction was great, sorry you had a
    bum stick

  20. Hope u didn’t pay good $ for that sack of shit :-$ CIAO’

  21. Did you have any more of these to test?

  22. Some times the bad ones produce fairly interesting videos.

  23. Do you think the burn problems occurred because of the wrapper it was
    stored in? Might have caused strange humidification properties.

  24. Man to bad, that is my go to cigar. I have a cigar shop that sells them at
    reasonable price, ya some I have to tend but taste and price.

  25. Bad burn sucks. Sometimes I clip off the ash and light it again. Sometimes
    that helps.

  26. No, tissue paper does nothing.

  27. had the exact same problem with the fonseca 1907’s 1st box was good, second
    one…well, only 3 out of 50 smokable. took a few apart to find stems upon
    stems upon stems. was not happy

  28. Its funny, I Just had this cigar last week I nearly had the same
    experience. In my case, when I took the cigar out its “protective covering”
    there was a huge crack running through the cap and about a quarter the way
    down. I cut it anyway and lit it up. The burn was ok for me (but bad smoke
    production), didn’t have the same problem as yours, but because of the cap
    being cracked the wrapper started to come apart and and led to the whole
    thing as well. Definitively not a quality cigar by any means.

  29. Mr Glenn this cigar is one of my all time favorites I do believe that you
    just got a bad one please please try it again

  30. Bummer

  31. where is the music?

  32. I found one in my humidor. No clue where it came from, but it sucked as
    well. It burned well but no flavor and tasted like a cheap a** short
    filler. Way too many good cigars out there to puff on this Crap. I totally
    agree with the fake Cohiba comment. Great review!

  33. haha What a waste of time. Well they sure packaged it nicely.

  34. I totally agree with you in regards to this review. I’ve tried El Rey Del
    Mundo before & used to smoke them quite often in the past. The draw is too
    tight, uneven burn, a quarter of the way during smoking the whole cigar
    gets hot. your reviews nail it on the money. Thanks for doing what you do.
    Keep up the good work!

  35. Stems. Bad quality. Too bad.

  36. Right away…words I hear everyday…

  37. Wow….

  38. Here in Europe you can get the cuban version of el rey del mundo. After
    your review I had to cut one in the half. It was a long filler without cut
    in the middle. Unfortunately you cant buy them in the USA. Its a great
    cigar with a full body and a creamy smoke.

  39. send one to the man!

  40. I absolutely love how you ended that video lol

  41. Really?

  42. I had one a while back. No issues but wasn’t worth anything to me. Not a
    good cigar IMO.

  43. The names, my god the names… …they’re too long!!!

  44. Mostly filler problems. Did you watch the entire video? He broke it down
    pretty good at the end. The other problem with these dark cigars (maduros
    and oscuros) is that the wrapper tends to be soooooooooooooooooo thick ,
    that it doesnt tend to burn well. Thats been my experience anyways.

  45. Too bad. It started really good.

  46. i was looking forward toward hearing why the axis was going back!

  47. This was so funny

  48. Yesterday I watched a video from last year and i have to say: You look more
    healthy today.

  49. Nice toilet flush effect at the end!

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