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Edison Arc Lighter Test

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Edison Arc Lighter –

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  1. That was the gadget which burnt his hair.

  2. Пиздец он ужасно кааахххтавит )))👯✌безобит бхрооо

  3. Thank You! for the unboxing and demonstration. How long does a single charge lasts ? 😊

  4. Yea but how u suppose to smoke drugs with an arc??

  5. Who else is here to hear him say "boom"

  6. "Wooow there is on and off button" ye really amazing 😀

  7. I wonder if it could work as a taser

  8. ипать у тебя акцент ацкий ))

  9. "Boom, wow " this guy is funny xD

  10. ok…i buy 1 …thank you for review

  11. He is prepering for wars and the zombie apocolypse or a a aline invasion or when the illumintai completely takes over orin case of a geo storm

  12. can you please send me a gas lighter

  13. came from the future lol 2018😁

  14. the Edison brand was no longer available on Amazon, so I purchased another similar brand. It's fantastic, much better than the standard butane candle lighters.

  15. After 1.5 years does it still work?

  16. Can i rid warts with this?

  17. But what if im trying to light the grill??? does it work for that

  18. Мужик, не скрывай русские корни

  19. N he lighter is called Edison

  20. By far the best lighter to light up candles! 10/10 instantly!

  21. Does it work for lighting charcoal brickets? Mesquite wood?

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