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E. 39 The Hero Epidemic

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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What’s your definition of a hero? Drop us a comment, because it seems like there’s a hero epidemic today. People are being labeled as heroes for doing the dumbest stuff! On this episode, we’re talking about this hero epidemic!

We’re also reviewing the Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra Hellcat! It’s a great cigar! Bradley rated it a 95, and Tim rated it a 93.

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  1. People use term hero too much. Being a victim is not necesarrily being a hero. Athletes are not heroes. Agree with you gents…

  2. You guys are a breath of fresh air.

  3. Besides our first responders and military.
    Active Fathers

  4. PK Subban.. donated his years worth of play(14 million at the time ) to a children's hospital and set up a foundation to work with children and also our inner city youths…That's an act of heroism!

  5. At least Starbucks has values. Offers benefits to part time employees and buys their coffee from reputable suppliers and pays at least market value or better for coffee beans. Walmart is the exact opposite. Don't group them together. Ignorant mistake. Btw. Big fan of the channel. Thx.

  6. "Free love" killed everything! And on top of that now everybody's a whore..#tinder. Just saying. Does anybody notice the correlation between the fall of the Roman Empire and where we happen to be sitting right now. Realistically how many years do you think the United States has left. It's a sad realization but a true one none the less.

  7. Hey guys..ken from dunnville ont. Can. Just got back into having a cigar after 15yrs. Of none smoking aftet 25 yrs. Of smoking cigs. Enjoying the experience far more than the cigs. I have had a laugh over your vids. You guys make a great team and frienship that comes through in your vids. Take care from ontario

  8. Tim in 20 years, I like the hair! 😀 I love watching these reviews, while smoking a cigar of course!!! Lots of laughs. God bless you guys

  9. Any idea on when you'll have more of these cigars in stock?

  10. I love Bradleys descriptions

  11. Don't blame it on the hippies, blame it on the liberal agenda

  12. In the (hilarious) Disney movie "The Incredibles," there is a scene in which the mother tells her son, "Everyone's special, Dash." The boy responds, "Which is just another way of saying no one is." Is it not true? If everyone is special, no one is. If everyone is beautiful, no one is. If everyone is smart, no one is. The same is true for "hero-ism." This society is guilty of word inflation. We carry this inflation into our political discourse too, don't we? Thank god for cigars and bourbon!

  13. lol Tim just like all millenials your overly entitled, take it from a gen z, we're the most conservative generation since ww2. haha I love watching you 2 go back and forth

  14. True Heroes are the members of the Armed Forces. They defend liberty. They die for rights. Whether American, Canadian, or from one of the European countries, the armed forces protect all of our ways of life. Even a President or Prime Minister does not compare: their lives aren't on the line for the freedoms of people they don't agree with.

  15. Tim looks like the stone cold steve austin I would make in create a wrestler when I was younger because he wasn't already in the game.

  16. Can you make a shirt with Bradley's face on it saying "BEARCLAW"

  17. a hero is someone who goes out of their way and risks something huge to do something exceptional/extraordinary for the great benefit of another who is in a state of extreme need. by the way I'm younger than Tim (by a good bit) and I am disappointed by what my generation (and the one before mine) have done to this country and our society.*rantcomplete

  18. I am from Hungary and we actually had a status: HERO.
    Retired military serviceman had it. After they serve a lifetime. It came w perks like the police couldn't even touch them.

  19. A hero is (insert sandwich joke). What we need is a rating scale. "Tonight on ABC15 we have a hero level 1 act on camera as a man inflates a basketball for some local teens." Basically nobody is going to care until it reaches hero level 5 at least.

  20. Hey guys, quick question. Yesterday i was smoking at my local b&m. Alec bradley tempus. I realized there was smoking coming out of the head of the cigar as well as the foot( not nearly as much) but it was still there. What does this mean? Is it a bad cigar?

  21. It used to be that everyone was a genius. Now everyone is a hero. Aquaman is a hero.

  22. I think a hero is somebody that lays down their life for their friends who puts the well-being of others in front of their own. Jesus being the ultimate hero.

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