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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. for the safety of you and everyone else, please dont smoke dutchmasters. a
    close friend frequently uses dutchmasters to smoke blunts and we have found
    many things within the inner tobacco that is not tobacco itself (string or
    yarn, plastic (from plastic bags), etc…)

  2. Werez the budd

  3. ewwww. you nasty hill billy
    i find nasty shit in my dutch all the time rolling bud.
    i joke about smoking these with no bud.
    you sir are disgusting

  4. When ever i seen someone smoking a cigar i always thought….duechey! But i
    like the small grape ones, Someone turned me on to them.

  5. I was thinking ? Dont you have to be a professional at something to do a
    reveiw? Who makes you a professional cigar smoker? Im not being a dick im
    asking a serious question. Because i smoke the small cigarillos. George
    carlin was the one who said ever time i see some one with a cigar hanging
    out his mouth and it reminds me of a big brown dick!

  6. they arent rolled in actual tobacco its just dyed paper

  7. i prefer dutch masters

  8. @LoadedAlex Whoa look at you!! You must think youre the shit dont you?
    Youre pathetic leave this guy alone. At least he doesnt talk like a fucking
    freak show like yourself.Sure he is smoking a gas station cigar but theres
    nothing wrong with it. Also this guy is not used to smoking in the open and
    was trying to see if people were watching him. Just shut the fuck up while
    youre still ahead. Btw youre a a punk ass little shit that needs to get put
    in his place. Also you sound like fucking egor

  9. which would u rather smoke, phillies or dutch master?

  10. @gunman5566 thanks for having my back man…i dont check the comments that
    much bc i kind of got out of this stuff….theres to many people like the
    guy below…..i just do me and thats it now

  11. thats a cigar?

  12. this guy cracks me up.

  13. @LoadedAlex first no i wasnt looking out for mommy and daddy they no i
    smoke and dont care. yes it was real. i used my teethe bc im a man and have
    a pair. that was only my second cigar at the time. i live in new
    york..thanks i guess….who the hell is that and no my parrents were at
    work…if u dont like the way i go shit go fuck yourself

  14. real men use their anus muscles.

  15. who are you looking around for consistently? mommy and daddy gonna catch
    you ditching school for smoking a “dutchmaster” ? is that el palma even
    real? what kind of cutter did you use ? that looked official! why do you
    consistently blow out the smoke? doesn’t really look like your getting the
    true genuine flavor that dutchboy has to offer.. where do you live?
    kentucky? i appreciate your woodsman themed cabin… looks like you live
    with daniel boone. did your parents come homewhenyouhad to move

  16. they bolth suck buy a real cigar

  17. Smoke what you like, but spend 2.00USD and buy a cutter.

  18. @bayshoredipman anytime. Amd nice review. Go on Thompson cigar and get some
    encore cigars theyre good. And only a buck a piece! But i just cant stand
    people like that. They think thetre all tough and macho. Remember to look
    up that cigar.

  19. so should i rob u tommorow lmao

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