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Dunhill’s Early Morning pipe tobacco review and update!

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Another fruitful review of a new tobacco, Dunhill Early Morning Pipe a virginia oriental blend though i think there is the slightest dash of some latakia in …



  1. i didnt get a cigarette taste but you do get virginia tobacco in some brand
    of cigarettes so maybe there is thank you for watching peace out

  2. Good review and nice Zippo. I love my Zippo with the pipe insert. Only
    thing I’m not jazzed about is the little pipe graphic in the corner has
    pretty much worn off. EMP sounds like a blend I’d like (don’t want too much
    of a vitamin N kick) so I’ll put it on the “to purchase” list. Cheers!

  3. i recomend you its is awsome

  4. Dunhill EMP is a good smoke although I find the taste a bit cigarette like.

  5. yeah it really annoying dude but ill get ur package n a few other peoples
    out asap lol glad u enjoyed the vid n peace out

  6. Sounds like a plan, I’ll try early morning and you can try nightcap haha.
    See ya Friday bro

  7. thank you for watching my friend peace out

  8. Good review man il have to try it out next time, Keep er up

  9. You could be right dude

  10. ild recomend that you do a great blend i think, thanks for watching peace

  11. Nice review. I still need to try this blend of tobacco. Sorry to hear your
    still having difficulty with your post office.

  12. lol cya friday n illd love to try some night cap

  13. i reckon it would be right up your alley mate, thanks for your comment and

  14. I love Dunhill’s Early Morning Pipe. A smoke for just about anytime of the

  15. dude ill prob bring the to our meet up some you can have a bowl thanks for
    the comment and for watching loved the card trick vid you did a few days
    back all the best peace out

  16. Great review, Adam. Sounds like definitely one to try. I like Dunhill
    Nightcap a lot. Peace, Eric

  17. enjoyed your video pal, agreed on the tobacco thoughts. used to own hitman
    on the ps2 thats 1 fine G

  18. Hi Adam…Great review my friend….This is the baccy that Tom (MrTPpipes)
    gifted Allan John as part of the YABO to A.J. !! I am not too keen on it
    myself , but I know a lot more people are !Take care my friend .. God Bless

  19. thanks for the comment im glad i was right woop, lol. glad you enjoyed my
    vid n i love the zippo havent got any fluid yet for a proper try out but i
    cant wait. peace out

  20. Spot on review, mate. One of my favorites.

  21. Thanks for the comment i agree completely

  22. I must try this blend. Great review 🙂

  23. Great review mate. I might have to try this blend

  24. same here dude lol, thanks for the comment peace out

  25. thanks for watching dude n i agree its a great blend peace out

  26. it really is a fantastic blend, you can actually buy a regular zippo
    lighter the the pipe insert separate so you can do both and have a great
    design. thank you for watching peace out

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